Welcome aboard...

After a little bit of a hiatus, the system has been wiped, and now even more areas, better performance, and some new game mechanics are on the way!

DrasticalMUD is running Evennia with a bunch of nostalgic MUD areas imported from legacy MUDs. The thought is there will be an emphasis on exploration and farming/crafting mechanics. I might go for adding some hack-and-slash eventually, but right now I've been focusing on property ownership and resource items for a crafting system. Right now, world scores are tracked by how much of the world you have explored, how much property you have claimed, and how much gold you have acquired. This is undergoing changes and undoubtedly will continue being tuned as things progress. For the time being, expect frequent wipes, as I'm still doing tweaks to world-building (or, more like stitching), on the side from the core functionality.

Things that have been developed so far:

  • Core commands (i.e. who, score, areas, finger, top, etc)
  • A basic transit system (train) to traverse between disconnected areas along a set route.
  • A template for simple emote verbs, and a bunch of socials.
  • Wandering chatty mobs (these will become NPCs and peddlers)
  • Spawning of random loot for foraging
  • Basic planting / growable items (trees, so far..)
  • Other things...

Things that might be in the works:

  • Resources system for crafting and economy: Stone, Wood, Gold, Trash
  • NPCs
  • Crafting / disassembly / recycling

Check out the list of areas that have been imported, or the current top scores!

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You can connect to the game directly from your browser using our online client!

You can also connect via telnet mud.drastical.net 9099


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