Reality == Chaos

DrasticalMUD is running Evennia with a bunch of nostalgic MUD areas. The idea is to not be pigeon-holed as a 'game', and create a cross between something like LambdaMOO and a BBS. Different areas could carry different world mechanics. MU*s and BBSes served a an amorphous purpose to different people: Social interaction, self-expression, hack-and-slash compulsion, turn-based strategy scheming, a weird artistic outlet... what else? It's clay in the shape of a virtual world.
There is no singular game system, nor will there be, although there are currently a few puzzles, socials, world exploration stats, and undergoing continuous development. Hopefully this will fully evolve out of a sandbox into something unique that people can enjoy.
We are listed on and participate in Grapevine listings and chat.

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