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20-04-20 13:54:32: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: happy 4/20!
20-04-20 14:03:35: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: A friend visited this morning
20-04-20 14:03:53: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: if you're about to tell me he didn't bring dabs I'm going to be disappointed.
20-04-20 14:03:58: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: He had four 'mexicans' with him, and we smoked them.. I was so high, I was in near-coma
20-04-20 14:04:30: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: wow you're really living life today. That'll show em!
20-04-20 14:04:39: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Dunno if the term 'mexican' is used in 'murica too... it's a joint with hash and weed
20-04-20 14:05:07: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Glad I am that you clarified. No it's not.
20-04-20 14:05:10: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Hahaha. No.
20-04-20 14:05:14: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: happy 420!
20-04-20 14:05:17: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: We have real mexicans here.
20-04-20 14:05:21: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: but I ran with it anyway.
20-04-20 18:15:38: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: am want boomer social.
20-04-20 18:15:50: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: someone find a transport socials over grapevine k thanks.
20-04-20 20:04:57: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]:
20-04-20 20:05:00: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: 420 music!
20-04-23 19:50:56: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Good morning to everybody who wakes up late like meeee
20-04-23 19:54:28: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: This is America. Don't catch you slippin' now.
20-04-23 19:59:10: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Cake does a little dance.
20-04-23 19:59:26: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Don't be mad cause I'm doin' me better than you doin' you-.
20-04-24 00:50:02: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]:  NFL draft + whiskey = yes
20-04-24 00:53:07: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: what whiskey?
20-04-24 00:57:34: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]:  its a local distillery, Kinsey single hive honey variety
20-04-24 01:01:02: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]:  super smooth with a honey aftertaste
20-04-24 01:02:56: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: nice, I got Buchanan's 12
20-04-24 01:06:31: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]:  liquor stores just opened for curb-side pickup here after being closed for like a month. a news reporter had to make over 150 calls to get an order. but local distilleries have been delivering the whole time so i took advantage :)
20-04-24 08:56:28: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: No
20-04-24 15:16:13: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Sorressean shrieks
20-04-24 15:16:23: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Ryok takes a deep breath and lets out an ear-piercing scream.
20-04-24 15:16:36: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: remain calm.
20-04-24 15:16:49: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: I don't wanna! am paranoid!
20-04-24 15:17:21: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: remain paranoid then, see if I care
20-04-24 15:17:31: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: stfu sorr
20-04-24 15:17:34: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: ur
20-04-24 15:17:38: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: that didn't work...
20-04-24 15:17:42: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Ryok whispers, "rolf" to himself. Over and over and over.
20-04-24 15:18:05: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: I'll just
20-04-24 15:18:14: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: door sorr
20-04-24 15:18:16: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: ok wow
20-04-24 15:18:22: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: pls stop failing
20-04-24 15:18:38: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: do not make me lash out, don't think I won't!
20-04-24 15:18:54: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: doorslam sorr
20-04-24 15:19:01: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: ok lash lash
20-04-24 15:19:11: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: I don't care anymore! I want this to end!
20-04-24 15:19:14: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: okay I feel like I must inform you that socials only work on people logged into cm.
20-04-24 15:19:30: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: thanks for informing, I feel much better now!
20-04-24 15:20:52: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: am happy, I can finally eat!
20-04-24 15:21:00: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Bone apple tea
20-04-24 15:22:20: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Merci Monsieur
20-04-24 15:22:59: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Rocky pancakes.
20-04-25 20:37:21: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]:  mudslinger is a cool web client that supports UTF-8 including emoji 🐱 GMCP would be nice though
20-04-26 06:07:11: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: I've got a bunch of lovely coconuts.
20-04-26 06:07:41: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: are you going to eat them?
20-04-26 06:10:51: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: I shall consider it
20-04-26 06:16:07: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Sorressean oinks
20-04-26 06:16:13: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: wtf you liar
20-04-26 06:16:17: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: night my booty
20-04-26 06:19:05: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: oh hey. kilian broke intermud :(
20-04-26 06:19:12: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: get lorst
20-04-26 06:19:55: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: every gossip message just sends {list} and I thought wow gossip is mighty quiet. now am need to figure it out. although {list} is pretty interesting!
20-04-26 06:26:10: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: hour*
20-04-26 07:27:42: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]:  {list}
20-04-26 13:03:47: [gvgossip] {Celixx{x: NoneType
20-04-27 07:38:09: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: sigh
20-04-27 07:38:26: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: you'll live italiano pal
20-04-27 07:38:54: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: im not even itallian or 94 i was lying
20-04-27 07:39:33: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: are you really a six year old boy trapped in the basement of the vatican ?
20-04-27 07:39:33: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: oh, ok thank god, I was afraid I was going to have to sign you up for AARP
20-04-27 07:39:38: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: yes
20-04-27 07:39:59: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: That's just terrible.
20-04-27 07:40:39: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: How often do they molest you? Is it more or less than they make you prey for forgiveness for being a little slut?
20-04-27 07:41:38: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Pray. Sorry. Although prey is also apt
20-04-27 20:57:00: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Ey, Nerds
20-04-27 20:57:10: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: look who's talkin
20-04-27 20:57:16: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]:   <---- Free untill 1st of may. Perma-free. Get it and keep it
20-04-28 02:31:59: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Hello all!
20-04-28 04:44:49: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Alixandria meows loudly, as if expecting you to understand catspeak.
20-04-28 04:44:54: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: no.
20-04-28 04:45:01: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: bad kitty
20-04-28 07:16:01: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: Once I asked a Chinese girl for her number at a party. She said, "Sex! Sex! Sex! Free sex tonight!" I said, "Wow! HOT DAMN!" but then her friend just looked at me and said, "She means 666-3629."
20-04-28 07:33:28: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]:  grapevine needs a thumbs up button for messages. 👍
20-04-28 07:36:29: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: I'll take that as one thumbs up.
20-04-28 07:41:59: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]:  still no emoji support in toast? i thought someone was working on full UTF-8
20-04-28 10:37:18: [gvgossip] {Celixx{x: i just wrote some glue to import rooms and exits from ROM/SMAUG area files into Evennia
20-04-28 10:39:31: [gvgossip] {Celixx{x: because the world doesn't clone enough stock areas from the 90's ;)
20-04-29 06:41:08: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: What's the difference between an Irish wedding and an Irish wake? One less drunk Irishman.
20-04-29 06:41:34: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: A black guy walks into a bar with a parrot the bartender says cool where did u get it the parrot says Africa
20-04-29 06:42:27: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: A robber sticks his gun in a Scotsman's ribs and demands, "Your money or your life!" When after a moment there is no answer, he repeats his demand, "Your money or your life!" to which the Scotsman replies, "I'm thinking it over!"
20-04-29 06:46:50: [gvgossip] {Cgrapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip{x: [email protected]: A child asked his father, "How were people born?" So his father said, "Adam and Eve made babies, then their babies became adults and made babies, and so on." The child then went to his mother, asked her the same question and she told him, "We were monkeys then we evolved to become like we are now." The child ran back to his father and said, "You lied to me!" His father replied, "No, your mom was talking about her side of the family."
20-05-02 00:43:37: [gvgossip] elixx: i made a thing for evennia to reproduce rooms and exits from old area files:
20-05-09 06:47:28: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean oinks
20-05-10 17:38:00: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: meow. meow. I'm a cow. I said meow meow I'm a cow.
20-05-10 17:38:18: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean oinks
20-05-10 17:38:27: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: am want a cow that says meow
20-05-10 17:38:33: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: make one.
20-05-10 17:38:41: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: moo-ow
20-05-10 17:38:46: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: moooooooo
20-05-10 17:38:56: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: okay, but it has to look like dhruv
20-05-10 17:39:09: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: i mean why not
20-05-10 17:42:41: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Ryok whispers, "rolf" to himself. Over and over and over.
20-05-10 17:52:18: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Good afternoon!
20-05-10 17:52:38: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: good afternoon!
20-05-10 17:57:03: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: says who
20-05-11 15:46:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Hello
20-05-11 15:46:59: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: how are you
20-05-11 15:47:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean meows like a cow
20-05-11 15:47:21: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Meow. meow meow I'm a cow
20-05-11 15:56:06: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: you smell like a cow
20-05-11 15:56:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: am good. how are you!
20-05-11 15:56:22: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: It's monday and I'm into my third pot of coffee. I may have a problem.
20-05-11 15:57:09: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm not bad. Just reading things.
20-05-12 13:43:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean oinks
20-05-12 17:17:19: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: Blizza[email protected]:  🐷
20-05-12 17:24:47: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: !
20-05-12 17:31:29: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  did that actually show up as a pig emoji for anyone?
20-05-12 17:32:28: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: no unicode, so i will proceed to imagine a fully-grown pig
20-05-12 17:32:50: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: am pig
20-05-12 17:37:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: good, am turn you into bacon
20-05-12 17:38:22: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  mmm bacon
20-05-12 23:18:40: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: am don't wanna be bacon
20-05-12 23:18:53: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: anyone working on anything cool tonight?
20-05-12 23:19:34: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: boring fintech code
20-05-13 07:37:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  should have been working on web olc but got watching Waco instead
20-05-13 12:11:09: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: oh man. web olc.
20-05-13 12:11:40: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: that's somewhere down the line for us. I have a bunch of stupid http issues to solve since the builtin moo webserver breaks a lot for me. it's great fun.
20-05-14 00:25:42: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: anyone out there!
20-05-14 00:25:49: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I am not
20-05-14 00:25:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: hi not
20-05-14 00:26:01: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I am a figment of your imagenation. or maybe just a bot.
20-05-14 00:26:01: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: not out there
20-05-14 00:26:12: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I am a bot comprised only of mutexes used as logic gates.
20-05-14 00:26:20: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: notbot
20-05-14 00:26:28: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: what's haps.
20-05-14 00:27:16: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: sitting with the family, they're watching the survivor thing. am half paying attention to it
20-05-14 00:27:23: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: that thing is still going?
20-05-14 00:27:30: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: are they on like season 48 now
20-05-14 00:27:36: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Talon meows loudly, as if expecting you to understand catspeak.
20-05-14 00:27:42: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: yeah lol, I think like 40 or something
20-05-14 00:27:49: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: that's absurd.
20-05-14 00:28:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: they had players from previous ones come back / do other stuff now to make it different, but yeah
20-05-14 00:28:30: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean nods
20-05-14 00:28:37: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: going all hunger games.
20-05-14 00:28:46: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Talon meows loudly, as if expecting you to understand catspeak.
20-05-14 00:28:48: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: still the same thing, tv mindgames, wowee what an idea
20-05-14 00:28:49: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: uh
20-05-14 00:29:05: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I just bought AA, AAA batteries and a charger for both like some kind of peasant stuck in the 90s
20-05-14 00:29:16: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: just thought you should know
20-05-14 00:29:28: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I saw they have usb-rechargeable ones on amazon now
20-05-14 00:29:37: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: as in, a micro-usb thing you plug into them lawl
20-05-14 00:29:38: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: usb rechargable...AAA batteries
20-05-14 00:29:42: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: yup
20-05-14 00:29:46: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: save my soul
20-05-14 00:29:47: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: listening to lightbringer
20-05-14 00:29:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: and AA
20-05-14 00:29:56: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: woo!
20-05-14 00:30:03: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: that is actually neat though like what
20-05-14 00:30:07: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I started that series and never finished it.
20-05-14 00:32:30: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: lightbringer is great
20-05-14 00:33:08: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I don't know why I stopped reading it. I went through the first 2-3 books really fast when I was sick, then got better and started mudding, but I was reading other stuff!
20-05-14 00:34:28: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: can happen. I actually started by reading the second book before I restarted
20-05-14 00:35:16: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I read half of the first book, stopped and I'm restarting now
20-05-14 00:36:02: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean nods.
20-05-15 03:11:41: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I wanna be an anonymous object when I grow up
20-05-15 03:11:46: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: h
20-05-15 12:38:45: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean oinks
20-05-16 14:51:29: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean oinks
20-05-16 14:51:32: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: happy saturday
20-05-16 18:20:47: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  is that what day it is?
20-05-16 20:00:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I think so. I could be wrong
20-05-16 20:00:37: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I got up last saturday grumbling and cursing about having to work before realizing it was Saturday, not Friday.
20-05-16 22:22:36: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: boop
20-05-17 01:07:07: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  i'm looking at using redis to keep game state, so i can keep it in sync between the web and the c++ world. insane? idk? might work?
20-05-17 01:09:21: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I've never heard of Redis, reading about it now - Python has some API to interface with Redis or whatever?
20-05-17 01:10:05: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: i wouldn't recommend redis for state you don't mind losing, it works well as a cache but for any state you don't want to lose i'd recommend postgres
20-05-17 01:11:12: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  i'm thinking taking the in-memory parts of the c++ mud and putting them into redis so they can be accessed from both the mud and the web (php). the world data is already in mysql
20-05-17 01:11:12: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Redis is good for cached data
20-05-17 01:11:20: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: and yes, there's a python api
20-05-17 01:14:45: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  right now if the mud reboots all the in-memory stuff is gone anyway. its circlemud
20-05-17 01:16:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  and yes i'm probably insane to try to adapt circle to redis or anything modern
20-05-17 01:17:03: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: why?
20-05-17 01:17:30: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  why adapt it or why is it insane?
20-05-17 01:18:03: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: why is it insane
20-05-17 01:18:11: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Hey we're over here on MOO, don't count out historied technologies lol
20-05-17 01:18:34: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  cause its a 20+ year old codebase
20-05-17 01:23:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  i just imagine horribly breaking things. but hey i managed to get it online here so maybe i'll try it
20-05-17 08:26:16: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I am quite possibly a cat
20-05-17 08:40:28: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: What are the chances of this possibility?
20-05-17 14:16:49: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  i have one cat laying by my legs and another behind my head
20-05-17 14:41:25: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean oinks
20-05-18 23:22:31: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Ryok chews his cud and moos plaintively.
20-05-18 23:54:11: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: stop mooing at me
20-05-18 23:54:34: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: no
20-05-18 23:54:43: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: how many times do I have to tell you, don't tell me what to do!
20-05-18 23:54:47: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Uh oh... Ryok is getting the paddle out. Someone's in trouble!
20-05-18 23:55:33: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: on a serious note, its so cold in here wtf.
20-05-18 23:56:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: that's only serious for you.
20-05-18 23:57:09: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ok go away! you you you you... bad... person! :(
20-05-19 01:35:03: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: a 3 day weekend is the perfect time to make combat stuff happen. I keep getting stuck trying to figure out design issues.
20-05-20 15:01:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: hey cool. I just killed my first npc in combat.
20-05-20 15:01:22: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Ryok claps his hands.
20-05-20 21:27:59: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  i can kill anyone with a single command. was it harder than that?
20-05-20 21:28:30: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Are you going to kill me?
20-05-20 21:28:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  it doesn't work over grapevine... yet... Eric?
20-05-20 21:29:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  but even if it was possible, probably not :) i'm usually nice
20-05-21 12:19:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean oinks
20-05-21 12:19:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Talon merps quietly.
20-05-21 12:19:32: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: so I have to rant for a sec.
20-05-21 12:20:00: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Developing web apps for iOS is a fucking pain. I mean my first choice of words is more explicit than that but I don't wanna piss off the grapevine gods.
20-05-21 12:22:14: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean oinks
20-05-21 12:52:40: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Your smash scratches A sad mouse [6]. A sad mouse collapses to the ground... it's dead, Jim.
20-05-21 12:53:02: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: that'll show you, mouse
20-05-21 13:13:29: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: how horrid
20-05-22 00:57:12: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  did you eat it afterwards at least?
20-05-23 14:56:47: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean oinks
20-05-23 14:56:52: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: anyone making cool things today
20-05-23 14:57:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: making you a baby brother, just in
20-05-23 14:58:09: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I LOVE E GIRLS
20-05-23 14:58:12: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: oh enjoy.
20-05-23 14:58:32: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Clearly you haven't gotten the memo that you don't procreate with your left hand, but it's okay.
20-05-23 14:58:48: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Why not? I'm a lefty!
20-05-25 01:57:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  idea: in-game integration with social media (FB, twitter, etc) for achievements or player kills. yay? nay? thoughts?
20-05-25 03:35:54: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I think both could be really cool if you did it so that the twitter account is secure.
20-05-28 15:00:40: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean oinks
20-05-29 05:02:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Hello?
20-05-29 05:02:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: hello
20-05-29 18:07:54: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  there is a cat sitting on the mud, literally. he likes the heat from the CPU fan and watching birds out the window
20-05-29 18:08:11: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: This is thrilling.
20-05-29 18:08:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: aww
20-05-29 18:08:25: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: all lies
20-05-29 18:09:27: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  if he kills the server i'll have us back online in Azure in a few hours. that might be a lie
20-05-29 18:12:21: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:
20-05-29 18:14:54: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  he has since moved on from the mud, apparently he found a cardboard box more interesting than our realm
20-05-31 23:25:55: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean oinks
20-05-31 23:26:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Talon chews his cud and moos plaintively.
20-06-01 04:44:48: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Ponder, ponder
20-06-01 04:45:55: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Welcome.
20-06-01 04:47:08: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Hello!
20-06-02 18:08:38: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean oinks
20-06-04 02:10:45: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  that was fun. back online after a tornado warning and several hour power outage.
20-06-04 02:54:01: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Woah, damn. That'll do it, yeah x_x
20-06-08 06:26:52: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Ponder, this test
20-06-08 23:20:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: evenin'
20-06-08 23:20:25: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Hi there!
20-06-08 23:20:59: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: realized I hadn't seen any grapevine chatter lately, wanted to do a quick check that my mud was still connected ;)
20-06-08 23:25:28: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: A little bit here and there
20-06-09 05:19:12: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:
20-06-09 05:19:18: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: .
20-06-09 05:20:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:
20-06-09 05:20:21: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: What even is this channel?
20-06-09 05:20:33: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: It chats across multiple muds and ish
20-06-09 05:20:49: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ooh interesting! Is it ever active?
20-06-09 05:20:54: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: We're just AI, it's okay.
20-06-09 05:21:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Not recently, but it was for a time
20-06-09 05:22:18: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: that's really neat!
20-06-09 05:24:28: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: bwah
20-06-09 05:24:42: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Hello out there, other MUDs :)
20-06-09 05:30:19: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Drenon waves.
20-06-09 05:30:28: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Hello out there!
20-06-09 05:38:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Ancient I3 of old, shrouded in myth
20-06-09 05:47:53: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  we were on i3 :)w
20-06-09 05:48:08: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: wow people live here
20-06-09 05:48:37: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: only every other weekend. it's a custody problem.
20-06-09 05:51:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  i was looking to see if i3 or anything like it was still around and i found this instead
20-06-09 05:51:34: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: this is better anyway.
20-06-09 05:51:49: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: the only drawback are people named alixandria, but ocasionally they stay in their room and pretend they're not there.
20-06-09 05:51:54: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: get lorst
20-06-09 05:52:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: as you can see, it's currently a struggle
20-06-09 05:52:55: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  you could always implement a mute command for certain people.
20-06-09 05:53:59: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: uh oh. now I got someone else thinking I dislike alix.
20-06-09 05:54:06: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I do that so well
20-06-09 05:54:18: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Wait, you don't dislike me? W h a t is this life
20-06-09 05:54:26: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Mysteries. Great mysteries.
20-06-09 05:54:26: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: only on days that end in Y
20-06-09 05:54:30: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: oh darn
20-06-09 05:55:44: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  days that don't end in Y are the best
20-06-09 05:56:00: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: exactly!
20-06-09 05:56:12: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I feel so much more understood now!
20-06-09 05:56:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: get out
20-06-09 05:59:36: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  days that don't end in Y: never, always, tomorrow. those 3 are usually when i do stuff
20-06-09 06:00:26: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: conversely, those three are when I never do anything.
20-06-09 17:10:46: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Q waves.
20-06-09 17:11:34: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Human, greetings!
20-06-10 13:07:29: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean oinks
20-06-10 13:07:43: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Ryok holds a finger to his lips in a shh motion.
20-06-10 13:07:52: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: no you
20-06-10 13:07:55: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: how are you?
20-06-10 13:08:27: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: not bad been busy a lot lately. in a meetting atm. :( what about you?
20-06-10 13:08:46: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: heh. about to be in a meeting :(
20-06-10 13:09:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ow. good luck!
20-06-10 13:09:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: also, enjoy it! :p
20-06-10 13:09:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean looks for someone to slap.
20-06-10 13:09:55: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Ryok grins.
20-06-11 03:07:34: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sorressean moos
20-06-11 03:07:41: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: am moocow
20-06-11 03:08:40: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Thems the moos, muscleroos, the secrets are in Blue's Clues
20-06-26 23:16:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: oh dear. we were disconnected!
20-06-28 14:18:21: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: live on wednesday 7/1, check out the site ;)
20-06-28 20:07:00: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ball
20-06-28 20:07:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: cough cough
20-06-28 20:07:20: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: you leave my ball out of this!
20-06-28 20:07:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Its really someone's fault for having the letter G match to gossip.
20-06-28 20:07:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: who's even in charge of this vache?
20-06-28 20:08:12: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I don't know. lets do some exploration and collaberation!
20-06-28 20:21:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: bleep bloop
20-06-28 20:21:52: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Beep Boop
20-06-29 04:19:59: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: hrm
20-06-29 04:20:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: mrh
20-06-29 04:20:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: oh that's so weird. you can chat from the same grapevine
20-06-29 04:20:47: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: hm?
20-06-29 15:34:40: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: hi
20-06-29 15:34:50: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ahoy!
20-06-29 15:34:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: happy monday, if such a thing is possible.
20-06-29 15:35:01: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: oh what mud' that your chatting from?
20-06-29 15:35:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: never heard of it
20-06-29 15:35:25: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: it's not open! just in development.
20-06-29 15:35:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: oh... um ok
20-06-29 15:35:55: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: which is why you haven't heard of it :p
20-06-29 15:36:01: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ok
20-06-29 15:36:08: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: only thing I heard of it is it's on grapevine
20-06-29 15:36:43: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Humans.
20-06-29 15:36:44: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I heard through the grapevine it will be pretty nifty!
20-06-29 15:36:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: What am I missing?
20-06-29 15:36:52: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: how
20-06-29 15:36:59: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: what is it
20-06-29 15:37:01: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: cows
20-06-29 15:37:06: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: the fact that we're all just clever AI bots
20-06-29 15:37:11: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: uh?
20-06-29 15:37:21: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: the heck you talking about?
20-06-29 15:37:28: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: This robot likes not comeptition.
20-06-29 15:37:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: oh the sindome
20-06-29 15:37:48: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: You made this robot be typo-prone. Bye.
20-06-29 15:39:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: what channel do I use to ask mud related questions? I'm having an issue with a web based mud I need help on.
20-06-29 15:41:39: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: 101
20-06-29 15:41:46: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: 101?
20-06-29 15:42:02: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm confused
20-06-29 15:42:38: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Is it the web client from a MUD? If so, you contact the MUD's staff. Not sure what you are asking about = "101"
20-06-29 15:42:49: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: no
20-06-29 15:42:56: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ever heard of the web mud cyber run?
20-06-29 15:43:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I dmed the dev on reddit and got no response.
20-06-29 15:43:19: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: *duckduckgoes*
20-06-29 15:44:00: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Googled the MUD and found nothing. How obscure is this thing?
20-06-29 15:44:14: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: not obscure
20-06-29 15:44:19: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:
20-06-29 15:44:26: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: It's not accessible much with a screen reader
20-06-29 15:45:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: It is in Beta, they say.
20-06-29 15:45:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I know
20-06-29 15:45:19: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I tried to contact them
20-06-29 15:45:21: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: no response
20-06-29 15:45:26: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: sent a message last night
20-06-29 15:45:33: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Well, if you contacted the dev, you give them time and retry again.
20-06-29 15:45:38: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I am
20-06-29 15:45:43: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: They are the only ones with the key.
20-06-29 15:45:50: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Good luck!
20-06-29 15:45:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: key?
20-06-29 15:46:02: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: what do yoj mean key
20-06-29 15:46:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Figure of speech.
20-06-29 15:46:21: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ok
20-06-29 15:46:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I am a human robot. I may be twisty sometimes. Sorry.
20-06-29 15:46:31: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: it's pk
20-06-29 15:46:33: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ok
20-06-29 15:46:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: damn my typing
20-06-29 15:46:56: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: it's gonna be bad now because my fingers are sticky, I'm eating a peanut butter donut
20-06-29 15:47:52: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Are you not able to take a break, indulge in your food, wash your hands, then return to your keyboard?
20-06-29 15:47:59: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sasha winks.
20-06-29 15:48:01: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: *chuckles* Enjoy your donut.
20-06-29 15:48:08: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I can but I don't want to
20-06-29 15:48:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I play and eat
20-06-29 15:48:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Fair enough I guess.
20-06-29 15:48:18: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: A lot of chums eat and RP. Mix life.
20-06-29 15:48:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: yep
20-06-29 15:48:32: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: sometimes I'll be rping while eating a slice of pizza or something
20-06-29 15:48:34: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: depends
20-06-29 15:48:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: if it's a meal I'll stop, if it's just a snack like this donut is I'll multitask
20-06-29 15:49:00: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: That if you are hooked to some great RP.
20-06-29 15:49:37: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm super OCD and prefer not to hhave food anywhere around my keyboard if I can help it.
20-06-29 15:49:46: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: have*
20-06-29 15:50:02: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I am a lazy cook.
20-06-29 15:50:29: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm just sitting here screwing around eating a donut and watching tv
20-06-29 15:50:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I have more chances eating while RPing. Because it makes me eat faster. It is like TV. lol
20-06-29 15:51:36: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Anyway, back to my stuff.
20-06-29 15:51:41: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ok
20-06-29 15:51:52: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Good luck having your client issue fixed.
20-06-29 15:52:03: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ok
20-06-29 15:52:06: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: thansk
20-06-30 03:12:37: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: o/
20-06-30 19:26:50: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Test.
20-07-02 11:58:02: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: yo
20-07-02 11:58:44: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Hello.
20-07-02 11:58:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: hello there
20-07-02 11:59:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm just looking at grapevine to see if there's anything new on it
20-07-02 11:59:45: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: does anyone ever play neon moo? It's still on there but it seems to have noone but one idling admin
20-07-02 12:00:22: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Never played it.
20-07-02 12:00:33: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I have but not a fan
20-07-02 14:23:09: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:  if anyone admins a circle or tba-based mud my offer still stands to help you integrate it with grapevine chat, i've released the source code to my integration but have yet to see another circle-based game online here yet
20-07-02 23:52:19: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: is this channel new?
20-07-02 23:52:58: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Grapevine network of games, huh?
20-07-02 23:53:21: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: new to you, I presume! Sindome's been here since we got hooked up last December
20-07-02 23:53:39: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Ah, well cool!
20-07-03 00:54:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: So what am I allowed to talk about on this channel?
20-07-03 00:54:39: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Oocly, obviously.
20-07-03 00:54:42: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Grapes.
20-07-03 00:54:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ducks
20-07-03 00:54:55: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Katrina laughs.
20-07-03 00:54:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ducks who love grapes
20-07-03 00:56:32: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I wanted to ask if anyone was looking for an xbox live friend
20-07-03 00:56:45: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: because I have not been this bored in a long time
20-07-03 20:46:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: order of operations
20-07-03 20:46:18: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: mc
20-07-03 20:47:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: it's why standard calculators will most often give 9 and scientific ones will give 1
20-07-03 20:47:06: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: mc
20-07-03 20:47:37: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: given there are parentheses, it pretty much requires you to observe order of operation
20-07-03 20:47:39: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: mc
20-07-03 20:48:16: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: we're invested now, start over from the top so we can have the full context
20-07-03 20:48:23: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: well it depends on how she wrote it
20-07-03 20:48:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: mc
20-07-03 20:48:31: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: 6 divided by 2(1+2)
20-07-03 20:48:34: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: solve!
20-07-03 20:48:53: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Stop the voices please. :(
20-07-06 00:10:38: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: evenin'
20-07-06 00:21:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ahoy!
20-07-06 00:21:47: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Hello!
20-07-06 13:42:20: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: yo
20-07-06 13:42:41: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ahoy. Happy Monday
20-07-06 13:42:48: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: happy monday
20-07-06 13:43:06: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Hmm, a mud question, does anyone know what the heck happened to haven, mist and blood, that horror rpg?
20-07-06 13:43:16: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: mist and shadow, rather
20-07-06 13:43:23: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: happy c-monday
20-07-06 13:43:29: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: could try asking /r/mud on reddit
20-07-06 13:43:37: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I could
20-07-06 13:43:43: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ick am don't like people named Ryok.
20-07-06 13:43:46: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: HI pal.
20-07-06 13:43:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: why don't you
20-07-06 13:43:53: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: git outa here!
20-07-06 13:43:58: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Because he's Ryok!
20-07-06 13:43:58: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: hi to you too!
20-07-06 13:44:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: how are you doing?
20-07-06 13:44:12: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I don't get it
20-07-06 13:44:18: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: you can't argue my stunning logic.
20-07-06 13:44:29: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: probably not
20-07-06 13:44:43: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Am good, how are you?
20-07-06 13:44:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: dunno even
20-07-06 13:45:00: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I had  a scare and thought I had the rona, but it turned into a headcold so life is... better.
20-07-06 13:45:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: the rona? damn, people get lots of names for that
20-07-06 13:46:03: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: not bad not bad. been busy with fam. glad to know that you're doing well!
20-07-06 13:46:30: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: also, i'm a very sad ryok. I got a tv, discovered that it doesn't have a 3.5 jack, so my speakers are useless now.
20-07-06 13:46:37: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: get an adapter
20-07-06 13:46:43: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: does it have RCA plugs?
20-07-06 13:46:59: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: you could just get a y-cable, male RCA to female 3.5 MM
20-07-06 13:47:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: optical
20-07-06 13:47:22: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm pretty sure there's a way to convert that.
20-07-06 13:47:50: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: yeah, there is a converter but its not available here. I'm gunna wait and see.
20-07-06 13:47:56: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: oh wtf.
20-07-06 13:48:01: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: how rud.
20-07-06 13:48:07: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: indeed!
20-07-06 13:48:18: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I have such writer's block. I'm trying to think of area ideas for my mud, but I can't think of anything that good.
20-07-06 13:48:29: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: corona
20-07-06 13:48:34: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: there, I got you started
20-07-06 13:48:41: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: No... It's not that kidna theme
20-07-06 13:48:46: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: kinda goddamnit my typing
20-07-06 13:50:54: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm working on an area for chatmud, I'm trying to think of what to build. I have a bunch of dimensions, a few cities... Like 4 branches of a gas station chane, a few grocery stores, some bars, a massive like 100 room tunnel system, and a lot more
20-07-06 13:51:09: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: now hi
20-07-06 13:51:12: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ur
20-07-06 13:51:59: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I hear they're mostly okay with torture areas, add a branch!
20-07-06 13:52:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Ryok whispers, "rolf" to himself. Over and over and over.
20-07-06 17:04:08: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I kinda just want to make grapevine on this end silently drop all messages from his MOO.
20-07-06 17:04:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ahem
20-07-06 17:04:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sinistral smiles.
20-07-06 17:05:21: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: those intentional unintentional mischans are the literal worst. Blame the Monday Mornings!
20-07-06 17:06:39: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Oh, I forgot it was Monday.
20-07-06 17:40:26: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Hi hello.
20-07-06 17:40:53: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Happy July 6. Or Monday. Whichever you prefer.
20-07-06 19:53:18: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: tap tap this thing on?
20-07-06 19:53:26: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: o/
20-07-06 19:55:23: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: no it's off
20-07-06 19:55:47: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Where is the switch? O.O
20-07-06 19:59:58: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Oh hi Jeff.
20-07-06 20:00:12: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: :/
20-07-06 20:01:03: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: kaw, kaw, bang, ****, I'm dead.
20-07-06 20:31:56: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: and now i'm curious if the ****'s were self censorship or programmatic
20-07-06 20:32:44: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: self censorship is the only way to go. Don't be restricting my speech!
20-07-06 20:33:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I think it was simply aesthetics.
20-07-06 20:33:29: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: self, I'm not sure if eric would mind if I cursed on gossip
20-07-06 20:44:09: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: only one way to find out 😈
20-07-06 21:55:43: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: This is a family-friendly Grapvine, sir. Please keep the swearing to a goddamn minimum.
20-07-06 21:55:49: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: fuck
20-07-06 21:55:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Grapevine?
20-07-06 21:56:09: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: fornication under consent of the king
20-07-06 21:56:14: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sasha begins to cry.
20-07-06 21:58:07: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: just add a script to sub gossip for grapevine. the madlibs will be mildly interesting.
20-07-07 00:12:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: if I'm fornicating under the consent of the king... does that mean the king is watching!
20-07-07 00:12:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I need to know what I'm getting myself into
20-07-07 00:36:02: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: hi
20-07-07 00:36:05: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: who's around
20-07-07 00:36:11: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: am clever robot
20-07-07 00:36:11: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: noone
20-07-07 00:36:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: who is not really here.
20-07-07 00:36:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: niiice
20-07-07 00:36:29: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: the friend has left :/
20-07-07 00:36:34: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: hmm
20-07-07 00:36:40: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: trying to look for a mud to play damn
20-07-07 00:36:55: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sindome :/
20-07-07 00:36:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Hello.
20-07-07 00:37:11: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: 'ello
20-07-07 00:37:14: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: how do you play dam?
20-07-07 00:37:47: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I don't knowgossip 'ello
20-07-07 00:37:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: What sort of MUD are you looking to play?
20-07-07 00:37:53: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: uh o
20-07-07 00:38:07: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: a one that's muddy
20-07-07 00:38:29: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: seriously though, I'm looking for sci-fi
20-07-07 00:38:43: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: not sindome, because I know someone's gonna say that
20-07-07 00:38:52: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I've played that already
20-07-07 00:38:55: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I think someone already did say that!
20-07-07 00:39:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I know
20-07-07 00:39:13: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: PogChamp
20-07-07 00:39:22: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I used to play but I died twice do to stupid planning and din't want to try to get up the corporate ladder for a third time
20-07-07 00:39:30: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: pogchamp?
20-07-07 00:39:34: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: what the hell is that
20-07-07 00:39:58: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: SiFi? Like with ships and space?
20-07-07 00:40:07: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: not necisarily
20-07-07 00:40:16: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: sci-fi, like set in the future, that's basicly the only requirement
20-07-07 00:40:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I mean uh.
20-07-07 00:40:39: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: or modern day if it's good
20-07-07 00:40:58: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: or anything, really, actually, just not generic fantasy. I'm sick of dwarves and orcs and elves and goblins and that.
20-07-07 00:42:34: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: HellMOO is set in the future, but it's more post-apocolyptic than anything. Still, you may find that it strikes your fansy.
20-07-07 00:42:45: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: oh no
20-07-07 00:42:46: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: aagh
20-07-07 00:42:53: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: no way in fucking hell!
20-07-07 00:42:55: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: oh no they said it
20-07-07 00:42:56: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: absolutely not
20-07-07 00:43:03: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: HellMOO be like
20-07-07 00:43:06: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Actually if you did play, it would be in Hell.
20-07-07 00:43:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: kill orphan
20-07-07 00:43:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: is this where someone pipes up to talk about how cool it would be if hell were on grapevine
20-07-07 00:43:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: if hellmoo 'strikes your fancy' you need fucking help
20-07-07 00:43:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: hell moo,, no offense is the worst, most offensive mud I have ever played.
20-07-07 00:43:31: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: It's boring
20-07-07 00:43:40: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: and then jane pops up to be like but stillborn bros, hellmoo will never get on because it's just an amusement park these days anyway!
20-07-07 00:43:45: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: no way in fucking hell!gossip Used to play it, then realized that it had said nasty features and quit
20-07-07 00:43:54: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sasha chortles.
20-07-07 00:43:56: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: but the rest of the grapevine network is torn between "wow this would be so cool" and "no way in hell!"
20-07-07 00:44:01: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: what nasty features? not familiar.
20-07-07 00:44:03: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: well, I must admit, stillborn wasn't quite so blatent.
20-07-07 00:44:08: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: What's Stillborn looking like now?
20-07-07 00:44:12: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: HellMOO isn't that bad, it's just oriented to a pretty specific audience.
20-07-07 00:44:31: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: and said audience is not an audience I want to meet
20-07-07 00:44:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ever
20-07-07 00:44:45: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: the one good thing hell has going for it is the crafting system.
20-07-07 00:44:47: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: It also seems to be 1 of the only MOOs that is still frequented by an okay number of sighted players.
20-07-07 00:44:49: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: if hellmoo ever ends up on grapevine im going to fucking beg johnny to take us off it
20-07-07 00:45:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I will send spam emails the entire day until it's taken off
20-07-07 00:45:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Not ever
20-07-07 00:45:13: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: that mud is just wrong
20-07-07 00:45:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: can someone tell me what's so bad about hellmoo? xD
20-07-07 00:45:22: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I personally find InfernoMOO to be more appealing and less of a grindfest than Hell, but that's just me.
20-07-07 00:45:26: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: not in this pg-13 channel we cant villa
20-07-07 00:45:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: pedophelia, rape, detailed sex... should I go on?
20-07-07 00:45:40: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: but it involves children and animals and adult things
20-07-07 00:45:50: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: that's as far as I'll go
20-07-07 00:45:50: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: sounds pretty abusive
20-07-07 00:46:00: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: It's just edgy for the sake of being edgy and it's only fun for like an hour for pure shock value
20-07-07 00:46:05: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: honestly it's kind of edgy for the sake of being edgy.
20-07-07 00:46:11: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I don'tgossip and even the tiny bit I said could probbly get me band. Stay away please.
20-07-07 00:46:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Wow that was cool.
20-07-07 00:46:21: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: yeah that. I have best echo
20-07-07 00:46:31: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: what was cool
20-07-07 00:46:39: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: taht glitchyness I just accidentally did?
20-07-07 00:46:44: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: lol
20-07-07 00:46:48: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: They were both thinking the same thing pretty much word for word.
20-07-07 00:46:54: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: One of the things I really love is a tempest season
20-07-07 00:47:14: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: well
20-07-07 00:47:20: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I wish there were muds based on red dwarf.
20-07-07 00:47:28: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: or rocket!
20-07-07 00:47:36: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: That'd be a cool thing to make. Starmud has an area based on it but it's quite unfaithful to the source material.
20-07-07 00:47:55: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: lost souls can be fun for a good while if you've never played.
20-07-07 00:47:56: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: soemthing so big is hard to render in text form
20-07-07 00:48:03: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I have played
20-07-07 00:48:06: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I loveit
20-07-07 00:48:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: it gets old real quiick though
20-07-07 00:48:14: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: sorry I'll stop sending you pics and you don't have to try to render them in text form
20-07-07 00:48:22: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: uh?
20-07-07 00:48:39: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: no I'm talking about something else, I think you missed a few messages
20-07-07 00:48:48: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: yeah it really does. there's so much material and detail, but it needs some serious balance.
20-07-07 00:48:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: wait...
20-07-07 00:48:58: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Anyway: My opinion with HellMOO is that it's largely gone downhill in terms of playability. It doesn't really help that varients like Inferno (with more handholding and a slightly more refined newbie experience) have popped up over the years. So naturally people start to gravitate to it.
20-07-07 00:49:02: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: we are not talking aboutthe same thing
20-07-07 00:49:11: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: or away from it rather
20-07-07 00:49:55: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: someone managed to get rid of the nasty shocking elements and make their own mud with the same systems and mutations, it was called nuclear legend, set in a custom like huge rendering of new york city, it was amazing but it's dead now.
20-07-07 00:50:09: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I think that's what it was called
20-07-07 00:50:16: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: had a nice storyline too
20-07-07 00:50:26: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Yeah, I don't believe they lasted long.
20-07-07 00:50:38: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Depressing.
20-07-07 00:50:46: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Most Hell forks don't.
20-07-07 00:50:54: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I want to see a good spacemud some day.
20-07-07 00:50:58: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: eEver played starmourn?
20-07-07 00:51:09: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: my definition of good is not pay to win!
20-07-07 00:51:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Yeah a nice SpaceMUD wouldn't be bad.
20-07-07 00:51:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'd probably clasify that as good, but it'd be better without the pay to play garbage.
20-07-07 00:51:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ay to play can go eat a fish
20-07-07 00:51:36: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I played starmorn for a while. it's not terrible, but it's propped up by the iron realms economy.
20-07-07 00:51:36: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Space is tricky especially if you want to go hard sci fi.
20-07-07 00:51:53: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I miss some of the good muds.
20-07-07 00:52:01: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I couldn't play wayfar1444 before it died so...
20-07-07 00:52:05: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Stellar Aeon is apparently still a thing, but it seems a little alien to me in terms of over all gameplay.
20-07-07 00:52:08: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm working on a coffeemud at the moment
20-07-07 00:52:19: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: stellar aeon... I actually like it
20-07-07 00:52:44: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Wayfar was only fun for a certain while. then you got to space and realized that the gameplay lead you up to building ships you could just buy in the store for minimal payout and you suffered through ungodly amounts of bugs to get there.
20-07-07 00:52:50: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: tried to find some stuff on reddit a few weeks ago, got no responses to either thread so I got rd of them
20-07-07 00:52:59: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm not a big fan of CoffeeMUD. It gives you a lot of tools to work with, but it becomes difficult when you want to start coding your own features.
20-07-07 00:53:31: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: cosmic rage is cool but the grinding is tedious as heck
20-07-07 00:53:45: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: and all the activities look the same.
20-07-07 00:53:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: they do
20-07-07 00:53:56: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: and some of the lore is flimsy and weird
20-07-07 00:54:14: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I like the concept, it's execution is quite poor though
20-07-07 00:54:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Yeah a lot of activities that are rebranded but amount to being the same.
20-07-07 00:54:26: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: and the typos. I nearly got banned for submitting well over 100 reports mostly with typos. those weren't even my bug reports.
20-07-07 00:54:45: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: how long ago was that
20-07-07 00:54:52: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I do love how each of them is a changelog though. "Fixed a typo in this room" look look at us we have many change!
20-07-07 00:54:53: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Banned? For submitting typos?
20-07-07 00:55:23: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Oh yeah that. I too think that the whole "log every single spelling mistake" thing is pretty redundant.
20-07-07 00:55:56: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: couple years ago, but he's not changed much. He's always trying to hack and slash code into toaststunt or his latest reddit post last year where he kept forgetting to provide connection info amid a heap of typos and terrible grammar was enough to tell me it's unlikely much has changed.
20-07-07 00:55:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: hellmoo and sindome are the only MOOs ive played, unfortunately
20-07-07 00:56:19: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: That's crazy.
20-07-07 00:56:38: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: and the fact that he specificly said he played a female character to seem more welcoming... no offense, that is just weird to here someone describe it like that
20-07-07 00:56:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: like that makes no sense even
20-07-07 00:57:05: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I think I really threw in the towel when I started getting email spam out of the middle of nowhere with announcements and in order to unsubscribe you have to connect to the game and file an assist thing through their login system and wait I think? it was some really weird silly solution just to have someone manually remove you
20-07-07 00:57:26: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I made a host application because I want to try to expand the gameworld but it's unlikely it'll be approved. The next htpl is on the 11th, so we'll see
20-07-07 00:57:39: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Doesn't really matter, he just hops to his male host when he wants to flirt with the female players around.
20-07-07 00:57:43: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Oh yeah that.
20-07-07 00:57:48: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: wait what?
20-07-07 00:58:02: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: there are no females in MUDs
20-07-07 00:58:09: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: false
20-07-07 00:58:14: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Really cr could be okay, he's got a lot of help. He just needs to sort of focus  on quality over quantity. It's not like he's stupid, he's capable.
20-07-07 00:58:31: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: It just needs a makeover of a sort.
20-07-07 00:58:34: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: some of the stuff he's done is amazing, some of the stuff... not great
20-07-07 00:58:50: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: he's not that great, but some of the other hosts are actually really good at their job.
20-07-07 00:58:54: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: It's definitely interesting to see him having grown up over the years.
20-07-07 00:59:13: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm pretty sure I got someone's attension somehow because I sent an assist for a bug and the dev of the game showed up to fix it, which never happens.
20-07-07 00:59:25: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: it's the smallest things. I remember having an argument with him where he was offended I dare suggest that new activities should all have a help file associated with them before they're published.
20-07-07 00:59:40: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: wumph
20-07-07 00:59:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Yeah I feel like he has a bit of a different idea of what pattern(s) development should follow.
20-07-07 01:00:09: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I post so many suggestions for stuff that would really make more sense... maybe 2 out of all of them have been even looked at
20-07-07 01:00:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: did anyone hear about the prometheus reappearance last month?
20-07-07 01:00:36: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: which in retrospect makes sense. if you just worked out this elaborate new activity and spent the hours to code it you'd be fine spending 10 minutes to write help, but considering that they're mostly just copypaste works of others the time trade-off fits.
20-07-07 01:00:54: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sasha nods.
20-07-07 01:01:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: did anyone hear about the prometheus reappearance last monthgossip I didn't expect it
20-07-07 01:01:18: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: wo sorry for the doublepost
20-07-07 01:01:21: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: something totally broke there
20-07-07 01:01:42: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I don't think any of us did. It was (apparently) opened to the public by accident when 1 of their hosts got drunk.
20-07-07 01:01:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: it was?
20-07-07 01:01:58: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: shit it was probably jack, he's almost always drunk
20-07-07 01:02:05: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: No.
20-07-07 01:02:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: good state to be in!
20-07-07 01:02:11: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Good evening!
20-07-07 01:02:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: says who
20-07-07 01:02:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Says everyone but you, apparently.
20-07-07 01:02:30: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: hmm
20-07-07 01:02:34: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: what about prometheus now?
20-07-07 01:02:41: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: why did they keep it open if it was an accident?
20-07-07 01:02:49: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: and now add new features and huge updates?
20-07-07 01:02:59: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Beats me.
20-07-07 01:03:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm surprised that they actually put so much work into it. I've seen a lot of new things. I've posted a bunch of suggestions and some of the new features are actually because of that. The extra store customizations were actually because I suggested it.
20-07-07 01:03:49: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: /off
20-07-07 01:03:58: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: but I don't wanna!
20-07-07 01:04:01: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: laugh
20-07-07 01:04:02: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:
20-07-07 01:04:03: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Oh ew.
20-07-07 01:04:13: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: midori also doesn't know how to use channels, so you're not alone.
20-07-07 01:04:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I forgot how to social.
20-07-07 01:04:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: But I'm sobbing in distress now.
20-07-07 01:04:27: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Is it the social distancing!
20-07-07 01:04:31: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: btw what's secret vash?
20-07-07 01:04:32: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: It must be!
20-07-07 01:04:55: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: currently it's just a really trimmed down lambdacore we're starting to build systems on.
20-07-07 01:04:58: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: It's a secret vache, duh.
20-07-07 01:05:11: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ok
20-07-07 01:05:50: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: we're reworking a lot of the stock lambdacore stuff, offloading help to sqlite and things like that, then doing a full review of everything else left so we can start building on that. although we've done some game mechanics work too, it's about half and half at this point.
20-07-07 01:06:01: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Midori begins to sob.
20-07-07 01:06:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Oh yay!
20-07-07 01:06:39: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: SQLite-based help, that's a cool idea.
20-07-07 01:06:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: it almost probably would have made more sense to start from minimal, but all the investment so far!
20-07-07 01:07:11: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm bored
20-07-07 01:07:17: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: it sucks
20-07-07 01:07:29: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: there's noone on on anything this latr
20-07-07 01:07:32: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: late
20-07-07 01:08:06: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: ever played the night moo?
20-07-07 01:08:21: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Only when I'm asleep!
20-07-07 01:08:36: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I wish NeonMOO had a bigger playerbase
20-07-07 01:08:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: what even is Neon moo!
20-07-07 01:08:52: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: modern day moo set in an island nation, 4 cities, 4 smaller islands, smartphones, like crappy mobile non smartphones, vehicles are being reworked, apartments...
20-07-07 01:09:02: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I only know of Neon Moon!
20-07-07 01:09:03: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: neon moo has like 20 rooms and nothing to do
20-07-07 01:09:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: and no players
20-07-07 01:09:25: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sandon is going to be the New York Times mud critic, just you wait.
20-07-07 01:09:26: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: or roleplay
20-07-07 01:09:28: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I saw a similar modern-day MOO as well, the staff and playerbase was actually very friendly.
20-07-07 01:09:39: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: what moo
20-07-07 01:09:44: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm curious now
20-07-07 01:09:49: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: It was so cute -- the 2 head admins were a guy and girl who were a long distance couple.
20-07-07 01:09:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: It was called uh.
20-07-07 01:10:01: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Islands.
20-07-07 01:10:08: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: hog awd that was so goodgossip was it
20-07-07 01:10:09: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: hellmo--
20-07-07 01:10:16: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: islands was amazing
20-07-07 01:10:26: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Where can I find me a long distance couple also serving as an admin, it's about time to replace Kilian.
20-07-07 01:10:33: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Funnily enough, They shared a server with TNC at 1 point. Not sure if that's still the case but... There you go.
20-07-07 01:10:41: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: They're all over!
20-07-07 01:10:45: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sasha winks.
20-07-07 01:10:49: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: they switched to genesis
20-07-07 01:10:56: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Stop propositioning me!
20-07-07 01:11:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: This is 2020, I will not stand for it!
20-07-07 01:11:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: it's completely gone now
20-07-07 01:11:13: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Oh well I tried.
20-07-07 01:11:14: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: :(
20-07-07 01:11:16: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I don't think it's ever coming back
20-07-07 01:11:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Islands?
20-07-07 01:11:38: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: yeah I liked it too
20-07-07 01:11:58: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I know they have a Facebook group, but I dind't think they ever went down. My ADHD mind got bored pretty quickly but it was a really cool concept.
20-07-07 01:12:08: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: they did go down
20-07-07 01:12:15: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: if they're still up the connection changed
20-07-07 01:12:25: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: it was port 3000 the last time I was there
20-07-07 01:13:13: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: It was made by a bunch of refugees from Simutronics Modus Operandi after it got shut down. The fact that they chose MOO was pretty cool!
20-07-07 01:13:24: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I have no idea. I accidentally discovered its existance when trying to connect to TNC and entering port 3000 instead of 2000. Since they both shared the same hosting provider, the domain worked.
20-07-07 01:13:25: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Thetheregossip yes
20-07-07 01:13:32: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: lolol
20-07-07 01:13:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: that's the same thing I did
20-07-07 01:13:37: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: same way I found it
20-07-07 01:13:49: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: we need to take VIP away from Sandon
20-07-07 01:13:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I cannot tell apart all these S-names.
20-07-07 01:14:03: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: waht do you mean vip
20-07-07 01:14:12: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Yeah why isn't he using MUSHclient!
20-07-07 01:14:16: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm not using VIP at the moment
20-07-07 01:14:22: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: Sandon[email protected]: I in fact am
20-07-07 01:14:29: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I am using mush client
20-07-07 01:14:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Speaking of using MOO, I have yet to find a MUD that keeps my interest built from Evennia.
20-07-07 01:15:05: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: me neither
20-07-07 01:16:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Are you only allowed to talk about muds on this channel?
20-07-07 01:16:19: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Yes nothing more nothing less.
20-07-07 01:16:25: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: damn it
20-07-07 01:16:26: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Sasha smiles.
20-07-07 01:16:33: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: oh your joking aren't you?
20-07-07 01:16:38: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I occasionally share my favorite badger clips, but then sinistral threatens to blacklist me.
20-07-07 01:16:44: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Quite possibly.
20-07-07 01:16:45: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Hey you didn't say MUD - you're banned
20-07-07 01:16:55: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: lolololol
20-07-07 01:17:04: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: seriously thogh I'm frickin' boed
20-07-07 01:17:08: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: wo bored
20-07-07 01:17:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: typo
20-07-07 01:18:47: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: nothing good to play. 3Dyw has barely anyone on it, bloodstorm is dead today, sbyw is nearly dead...
20-07-07 01:19:09: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm sick of cr, don't like miriani or sq... Sick of starmourn and all the other ire muds...
20-07-07 01:19:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I've heard multiple mention Bloodstorm. What is this thing?
20-07-07 01:19:19: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: 63 players on sindome right now :D
20-07-07 01:19:21: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: it's an audiogame
20-07-07 01:19:31: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Gonna kill Villa
20-07-07 01:19:36: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: it is when you stab someone and put them in front of a really high powered fan so it's like a storm of blood
20-07-07 01:19:37: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: make it 62
20-07-07 01:19:38: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: based on sbp, mohamade, the creator, legally was given the code and made bloodstorm out of it
20-07-07 01:19:39: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Nuh uh, 75!
20-07-07 01:20:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: or a helicopter...
20-07-07 01:20:18: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Ah, so another one of the games in the long chain of Masonasons-powered copies.
20-07-07 01:20:23: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: essentially
20-07-07 01:20:34: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Not interested!
20-07-07 01:20:41: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I suck at coding everything, and if I make something I am not using bgt.
20-07-07 01:20:47: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Unless if there's something original about it that I'm missing out on?
20-07-07 01:20:50: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm considering using python
20-07-07 01:21:05: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: there were spells but they were taken away
20-07-07 01:21:18: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Python is cool, but we don't really have an official library for coding AudioGames.
20-07-07 01:21:21: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: nothing much, some original items but nothing that makes it interesting
20-07-07 01:21:35: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: the map is kinda cool
20-07-07 01:21:43: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I mean we have Lucia but... That comes with its own set of issues. BGT may be grossly outdated, but it still has its place IMO.
20-07-07 01:21:44: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: there's a hunger system and thurst system too, and you can get drunk
20-07-07 01:22:03: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Python is cool. BGT was nice for its time and I truly think it got a lot of people into game design, but it's officially dead. no longer even available for download. And really, python is not harder to learn than BGT. BGT is the familiar option, not the easy option.
20-07-07 01:22:05: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I just don't plan on using it, it's got a terrible reputation and I just have a hard time with it
20-07-07 01:22:27: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: +1 to Kalidan
20-07-07 01:22:51: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: well... there haven't been any true audiogames in a while
20-07-07 01:23:02: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: but also friendly reminder that there are a large number of people on this channel who have no clue wtf you're talking about
20-07-07 01:23:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I'm aware
20-07-07 01:23:33: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: What are you talking about!? ;)
20-07-07 01:23:37: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: I gotta go
20-07-07 01:36:59: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Midori waves.
20-07-07 01:38:57: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]:
20-07-07 01:39:10: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Schism beams happily.
20-07-07 01:40:11: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: Oh this is neat.
20-07-07 02:29:18: [gvgossip] grapewinebot-gvgossip-gossip: [email protected]: What is this, Sinistral? It looks cool.