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20-04-30 21:50:08: [mfh] {Celixx{x: test
20-04-30 21:50:15: [mfh] {Celixx{x: whoa
20-04-30 21:50:37: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] <elixx> it works!
20-04-30 21:50:50: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] <elixx> [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> it works!
20-04-30 21:53:14: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] <elixx> you have to be a registered user to use the bridge channels
20-04-30 21:58:31: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] <elixx> I made some random wanderers who don't do anything yet
20-04-30 22:30:44: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] <elixx> I want to make a machine that pumps out mobs named after twitter trends
20-04-30 22:30:56: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] <elixx> and have them say random shit from the search results
20-04-30 22:31:25: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] <elixx> maybe have them burst into flames after a period of time
20-04-30 22:36:10: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] <elixx> i made a 'recall' command if you get lost or stuck somewhere -- there are a few traps
20-04-30 22:36:28: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] <elixx> it will be easy to make some puzzles where recall gets disabled
20-04-30 22:36:50: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] <elixx> either temporarily or semi-permanently
20-05-01 00:24:32: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] "Alex Jones arrives to Drastical Hub from Headed up the thoroughfare."
20-05-01 00:24:33: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] lol
20-05-01 00:24:55: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] I've been busy doing deliveries. I come back and Alex Jones is running around the mud
20-05-01 00:25:11: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] I gotta check this out when i get home. Looks like fun.
20-05-01 00:25:20: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] tries to finish up Chapter 3
20-05-01 00:26:04: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Btw, elixx, you could probably pass this test without studying. But you could also just study for a day just to make sure.
20-05-01 00:26:31: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] I dunno, maybe that's a premature statement, im only on ch 3 lol
20-05-01 00:40:07: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] btw, here's the playlist for the class I'm doing
20-05-01 00:40:10: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] |h|w0Title: Technician Ham Class   September 2018   Chapter 1 Welcome to Amateur Radio - Views: 16427
20-05-01 01:44:22: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] <elixx> yeah i def dont think i have all the knowledge to pass
20-05-01 01:44:42: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] <elixx> but prolly w/ a bit of study
20-05-01 01:55:16: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] If you havent touched electronics in years, like me, you'll def wanna study.
20-05-01 01:55:40: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] I remember about 50-60% of the electronics stuff
20-05-01 01:56:25: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] It's not a big deal. I just forgot most of the formulas.
20-05-01 01:59:49: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] It's only 35 questions. You could take practice exam online to see where you stand.
20-05-01 02:20:00: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] I wanna understand all the concepts, not just pass the test, so I looked for an actual class.
20-05-01 02:39:47: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Tomorrow, I'll probably do chapter 3 over again while it's slower at work and I can focus more. This is fun stuff and I don't want to miss out on anything :D
20-05-01 02:53:29: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: ]__[
20-05-01 02:53:30: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] |h|w0Title: Ultimate Dodgeball Championship Finals at Sky Zone - Views: 16178399
20-05-01 04:09:47: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] This Baofung shit is fucking deadly. I could do a documentary on this subject, alone.
20-05-01 04:13:18: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Here's another nitwit:
20-05-01 04:13:19: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] |h|w0Title: Is the Baofeng UV-5R Ham Radio Banned? Here are the FACTS! - Views: 140259
20-05-01 04:16:07: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] yeah man i only have 1 budget level radio in my collection... the Tytera MD380 when i wanted to try out DMR
20-05-01 04:16:14: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] In other words, when the SHTF, you're best bet is the cheapest solution, which so happens to be a Chinese solution that breaks the system.
20-05-01 04:16:48: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] thx dcubed, i'll scope that unit now
20-05-01 04:17:06: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] its easy to side load custom firmware into it (as i have done)
20-05-01 04:17:14: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] allows for way more features
20-05-01 04:17:36: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] i think they have a dual band one out now
20-05-01 04:18:01: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] thx brother, looking now
20-05-01 04:18:39: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected]
20-05-01 04:18:52: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] travis is a fuckin genious
20-05-01 04:19:07: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] his defcon talks are a riot
20-05-01 04:23:11: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h bookmarked the TYT MD 380. Thanks. I'm looking for high end coms and low end coms.  I'm bookmarking Travis's page
20-05-01 04:24:36: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] What's up with Vancouver tomorrow?
20-05-01 04:25:46: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] what do you know?
20-05-01 04:26:00: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Judging by the amount of civil disobedience that happened before the flood, people have wised up.
20-05-01 04:26:15: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] oh...
20-05-01 04:26:23: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] flood?
20-05-01 04:26:55: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] I'm just asking you what the expactation of reopining and reducing social distancing are.
20-05-01 04:27:07: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] oh
20-05-01 04:27:09: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] that
20-05-01 04:27:27: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] lmao
20-05-01 04:27:36: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] yeah i just want Wrestling and Burlesque shows to open
20-05-01 04:28:07: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] i couldnt give any shit about malls or tourist sites
20-05-01 04:28:56: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] i bascially stopped looking at any news 2 weeks ago
20-05-01 04:29:08: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] .
20-05-01 04:29:11: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] focusing on work and setting up my radios
20-05-01 04:29:24: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Rightly so.
20-05-01 04:29:41: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] atleast i have a job and i cant fuck around
20-05-01 04:30:11: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] This is just a scam.  I was just wondering how you were dealing with it.
20-05-01 04:31:00: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Very simple. Can you spot the country with the insurance scam?
20-05-01 04:31:09: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Woo, looky there!
20-05-01 04:31:22: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] yeah it a scam. personally its ok cause i can dial in my somwhat crappy living quarters into a productive workspace
20-05-01 04:31:36: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Medicate flu pays: $3,000
20-05-01 04:32:06: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Medicade Covid pays $13,000
20-05-01 04:32:44: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Medicade Covid with intubation pays: $39,000
20-05-01 04:32:45: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] so the hospticals are diagnosing cart blanch "COVID-19" to anyone that his a sore throte?
20-05-01 04:32:55: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] yes yes yes yes yes
20-05-01 04:33:02: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] wow
20-05-01 04:33:07: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] thank you for not making me explain further
20-05-01 04:33:27: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] this is all on the CDC website
20-05-01 04:34:12: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] All they have to do is "suspect" someone of having Covid-1984, and they can mark them as such. USA, SPAIN, ITALY. done
20-05-01 04:34:48: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] go chart the flu cases
20-05-01 04:34:49: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] gone
20-05-01 04:34:55: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] ha
20-05-01 04:34:56: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] man
20-05-01 04:35:01: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] go chart the pneuonia cases
20-05-01 04:35:02: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] gone
20-05-01 04:35:11: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] all now attributed to covid
20-05-01 04:35:17: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] It's brilliant
20-05-01 04:35:46: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] This is even more diabooical than 9/11
20-05-01 04:36:11: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] My hat's off to the scumbags who devised this shit.
20-05-01 04:37:27: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] so this was planned on crippling the planet or just USA?
20-05-01 04:37:46: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Go look at the Covid map.
20-05-01 04:37:54: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] im  looking at it
20-05-01 04:38:03: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] australia looks fine
20-05-01 04:38:12: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] russia looks fine
20-05-01 04:38:12: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Play the game, "boys and girls" and pick the country that has skewed the votes.
20-05-01 04:39:33: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] It's fake.
20-05-01 04:39:43: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] hmm Cook county IL is 2nd place on the 'confirmed by county'
20-05-01 04:40:07: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Dude. it's not about "science", it's about math.
20-05-01 04:40:28: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] CDC calculates flu diffrently from covid
20-05-01 04:40:35: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] go to their site
20-05-01 04:40:56: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] flu is estimated (extrapolated) basedd
20-05-01 04:41:09: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] covid is "tested" based"
20-05-01 04:41:46: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] wait, have you seen the doctors from Kern County?
20-05-01 04:41:51: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] yes
20-05-01 04:41:57: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] ok, then that
20-05-01 04:42:12: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] saving himself some keystrokes
20-05-01 04:42:35: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] but, what they didnt get into is the Medicare fraud
20-05-01 04:42:41: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] again...
20-05-01 04:42:50: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] $3,000 for flu
20-05-01 04:43:02: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] $13K for covid
20-05-01 04:43:19: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] yeah i get it.. its a way to scam funds
20-05-01 04:43:20: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] $39,000 for Covid intubation
20-05-01 04:43:38: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] ok, cool.
20-05-01 04:43:56: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] But that's only one facet. It goes on.
20-05-01 04:44:05: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Tracking, traceing
20-05-01 04:44:18: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Forced innoculations
20-05-01 04:46:24: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] sorry, some asshole just punched out front window
20-05-01 04:46:33: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] what
20-05-01 04:46:52: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] punch out HIS front window!
20-05-01 04:47:16: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] it's nothing, happens all the time
20-05-01 04:47:22: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] resumes looking up Pelican case dimensions
20-05-01 04:47:54: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] errr, punched, not punched out
20-05-01 04:48:23: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] random people just punch your front window?
20-05-01 04:48:27: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] what the hell
20-05-01 04:48:52: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] yeah, it's a wonderful country
20-05-01 04:49:25: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Probably Grubhub staff lol
20-05-01 04:50:01: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Anyway, it's getting late. Thanks for all the HAM info, talk soon.
20-05-01 04:50:12: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] gnight
20-05-01 04:50:14: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] I'm gonna load up and head home.
20-05-01 04:50:16: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] gnight
20-05-01 07:10:51: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] found my case
20-05-01 07:11:18: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] going to model it all in CAD before i spend $$$
20-05-01 11:27:48: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] <elixx> cool
20-05-01 13:34:58: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h
20-05-01 13:35:05: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] I own 6 of these.
20-05-01 13:35:56: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Haven't bought one in about 2 years, but they used to run out of stock as soon as they received them.
20-05-01 13:36:08: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] They're also $10 more expensive now.
20-05-01 13:55:54: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Those are solid units
20-05-01 13:56:00: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] I got a bunch of stuff in similar
20-05-01 14:02:48: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] MUST SEE: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health
20-05-01 14:02:49: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected]
20-05-01 14:26:28: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Looking at getting a handheld for off-road Jeeping and trail riding in Arizona. I have a CB in the Jeep currently, but the range hasn’t been that great in the hills. Can anybody recommend a good handheld for this scenario? I was looking at “BaoFeng UV-82HP High Power Dual Band Radio: 136-174mhz (VHF) 400-520mhz (UHF) Amateur (Ham) Portable Two-Way”.
20-05-01 14:27:06: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] I joined one of the ham radio chat rooms at work during the most recent internal/offensiv summit conference
20-05-01 14:27:20: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] So getting some info on what ppl are using for gear
20-05-01 14:31:15: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] CB range is irrelevant, no one is using them any more.
20-05-01 14:31:27: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Truckers are on Facebook lol
20-05-01 14:32:29: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] dude, I've sold a couple CB radios this  past year for big bux on ebay
20-05-01 14:32:51: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] One went to South America
20-05-01 14:33:34: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] I could see 3rd world countries using them, but truckers in the US are either using cell phones, social networking or Ham radios now.
20-05-01 14:34:20: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] ambrose|h:|h Let me know which HT you decide to buy.  I'm looking to buy another one.
20-05-01 14:34:56: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] frito|h:|h
20-05-01 14:34:58: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] |h|w0Title: This Is Why CB RADIO IS DEAD! - Views: 553914
20-05-01 14:38:34: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] All I know is, people buy CBs
20-05-01 14:38:36: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] I'll share the pic of what I have running here.... 3 HT's
20-05-01 14:38:59: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] I sold 3 last year and I always pick them up, usually
20-05-01 14:39:03: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Nice a bunch of dudes in this ham radio are also involved with the DEFCON conference organizers
20-05-01 14:39:24: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] That Baofeng has great reviews.
20-05-01 14:39:52: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] Dirt cheap too
20-05-01 14:50:57: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] ambrose|h:|h I just orderd one of those Baefeng. Gonna play around with it, maybe return it. I dunno. ETA next wednesday.
20-05-01 14:51:21: [mfh] {Circbot-DrasticalMUD{x: [email protected] $64 USD.
20-05-01 14:55:52: [mfh] {Celixx{x: test
20-05-01 14:58:01: [mfh] {Celixx{x: test 2
20-05-01 15:17:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ambrose|h:|h also ordered a programming cable and ngoya
20-05-01 15:17:20: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-01 15:17:30: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-01 15:17:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] heads to work
20-05-01 16:10:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] nice dude
20-05-01 16:10:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] youre all set now
20-05-01 16:21:27: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] We shall see.  Like I said, I'll play around with it and see how it goes.  Let me know if you decide to go with another model.
20-05-01 16:21:51: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I have a feeling that my Yaesu is gonna get neglected lol
20-05-01 16:55:23: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I also grabbed the NA-771
20-05-01 16:55:52: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Way too long for inside my car, but should work nicely outside
20-05-01 17:30:07: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oh crap
20-05-01 17:31:01: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oh nvm, i was looking at the wrong listing lol
20-05-01 17:31:09: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I thought i ordered the wrong one
20-05-01 22:34:14: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] woot my Kenwood shipped!
20-05-01 22:59:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: ]__[
20-05-01 23:03:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] nice which unit did u order dcubed ?
20-05-01 23:13:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ambrose: TM-V71A vhf/uhf 50W
20-05-01 23:54:22: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-01 23:55:00: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I suddenly have a hole in my wallet lol. Considering this Yaesu now
20-05-02 00:21:07: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] nice unit
20-05-02 00:37:09: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i've already almost made that in tips today
20-05-02 00:37:17: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] busy day
20-05-02 00:37:40: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm gonna wait a bit until i pull the trigger
20-05-02 00:47:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h which would you rather have, that Yaesu or this Kenwood?
20-05-02 00:51:50: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i would rather have the Kenwood for 2 reasons. It has physical buttons and no touchscreen, and I am a Kenwood fanboy
20-05-02 00:59:01: [mfh] elixx: i think i'm gonna try and make this into a weird mix between a MUD and a bbs
20-05-02 01:32:50: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h I still cant decide. I'm gonna do a bunch more research when I get home
20-05-02 01:33:09: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I think the Yaesu might be better in a SHTF scenario.
20-05-02 01:33:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] it's just so much more rugged than the Kenwood
20-05-02 02:33:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Record-breaking day at the restaurant. Did americans get more free money today? I saw long lines in bank drive-thrus
20-05-02 02:57:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ahh, unemployment checks
20-05-02 02:58:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-02 02:58:05: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] |h|w0Title: Bone Thugs N Harmony - 1st of tha Month - Views: 19228495
20-05-02 03:10:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] jeez, i did 74 miles in deliveries today
20-05-02 03:15:49: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] decent
20-05-02 03:21:01: [mfh] elixx: haha, a couple of months ago they switched my work's payroll from every 2 weeks to the 1st and 15th... i said 'great, now i can party with all my welfare friends'
20-05-02 03:33:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] haha
20-05-02 03:33:34: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] "clockin much dollahs on the first and fifteenth"
20-05-02 03:34:11: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h the FT3DR has some major improvements over the FT2DR. Screen looks so much nicer
20-05-02 03:34:13: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] |h|w0Title: NEW Yaesu FT3DR Vs. FT2DR LIVE - Views: 24264
20-05-02 03:36:33: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] With this blutooth feature, I might just get this and connect to my car's radio/blutoorh
20-05-02 03:46:20: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] cool
20-05-02 03:46:28: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] has a FFT
20-05-02 03:46:31: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] fancy
20-05-02 03:47:57: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] just ordered this for my kit
20-05-02 04:00:39: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] and this SS-18 power supply
20-05-02 05:49:07: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] djps: looks like this guy sells his direct
20-05-02 07:19:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] survailance radio shop
20-05-02 07:19:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] |h|w0Title: Undercover Radio Blunder! Surveillance Comms Gone Wrong. WTF - Views: 8500
20-05-02 12:43:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h what's the eta on your kit?
20-05-02 13:02:32: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-02 13:03:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Now it's coming down to the FT3 vs the D74
20-05-02 13:03:22: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I fell asleep watching an FT3 review and wokd up and found this comparison playing
20-05-02 13:07:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] FT3 13 hrs battery life. D74 5 to 6 hours
20-05-02 13:17:07: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Looks like fusion is much more popular than d-star in the chicago area
20-05-02 13:20:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] err, not that much more, i was looking at Illinois. For chicago: Fusion 7, d-star 5
20-05-02 13:21:33: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h i'm assuming you prefer d-star, since you're a kenwood fan?
20-05-02 14:12:55: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Closest d-star 0.7 miles
20-05-02 14:13:11: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Closest fusion 6.4 miles
20-05-02 14:13:22: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] is going with the Kenwood
20-05-02 14:17:08: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ^that distance is from my home
20-05-02 14:17:30: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I checked the restaurant location, and the closest digial repeaters are all d-star
20-05-02 14:18:56: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I just wish the kenwood had blutooth :\
20-05-02 14:46:13: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oh shit, it does have blutooth
20-05-02 14:46:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 'sup boys
20-05-02 14:47:12: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] just called into work, fuck 'em
20-05-02 14:47:57: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] heya frito
20-05-02 14:51:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] looks like a beautiful day today
20-05-02 14:51:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yesterday wasbn't bad
20-05-02 14:51:46: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yesterday was nice. ppl got their slacker paychecks and were running the streets :)
20-05-02 14:52:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] bbiab, gonna run to the bank so i can spend more money on radios lol
20-05-02 17:32:27: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h any accessory recommendations for the kenwood?
20-05-02 17:38:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Are kenwood's prgramming cables proprietary? or is this just a standard usb cable?
20-05-02 17:46:43: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h is there anything better out there in tri-band?
20-05-02 18:10:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] placed an order for the D74 + the diamond
20-05-02 18:10:32: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h holler if I need a proprietary programming cable. I cant find any info on that
20-05-02 18:14:21: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] its just a usb mini
20-05-02 18:14:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] thx
20-05-02 18:16:45: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] - Micro USB (Serial, Mass Storage Class, USB Audio) to enable use of external decoding software Bluetooth (SPP, HSP) support
20-05-02 18:17:23: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Saw that, but just wanted to make sure
20-05-02 18:18:30: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] reason why there is so many YSF (yaesu system fusion) reapeaters... Yaesu was selling them out for below cost
20-05-02 18:18:41: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] and the repeaters are kinda junk
20-05-02 18:18:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] its just 2 mobile radios back-2-back with a software controller
20-05-02 18:19:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ahh
20-05-02 18:19:20: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] mind you the first Motorola DMR repeaters were the same thing
20-05-02 18:19:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I dont see many DMR in my area
20-05-02 18:20:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Dstar is pretty popular as it was included in many  Icomms and Kenwoods and now it is an open source as "freestar" repeaters
20-05-02 18:21:09: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] onluy option i would recomend is a hand mic
20-05-02 18:21:29: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] The d-star near me is on the roof of a building, about 30 stories high, 3 or 4 blocks from me
20-05-02 18:21:34: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] good for when you need to put the radio in a spot for good rxtx but awkward to operator the mic
20-05-02 18:21:39: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] wow
20-05-02 18:22:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] How are those mics with the built in camera? any good?
20-05-02 18:22:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i dont actually have any d-star capable equipment
20-05-02 18:22:11: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] camera!?
20-05-02 18:22:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah man
20-05-02 18:22:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] stand by
20-05-02 18:23:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-02 18:23:12: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] |h|w0Title: NEW! Yaesu FT3DR C4FM Handheld Review/Comparison - Views: 106290
20-05-02 18:23:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] looks like the only thing the kenwood D74 is missing... wide band RX... looks like it is limmited to RX: 136 - 174, 216 - 260, 410 - 470 MHz
20-05-02 18:23:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] the ft3dr has AM broadcast up to 900mhz
20-05-02 18:24:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] wow that camera is cool
20-05-02 18:25:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] back in the day there was a slow scan tv adaptor thing
20-05-02 18:49:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] im going to be AFK for a bit driving across town to borrow a Radio Interface Box so i can reprogram my  Motorola Spectra
20-05-02 18:52:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] kttyl
20-05-02 21:01:12: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] time to make the donuts
20-05-02 21:01:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] lolz, there was only 1 delivery order all day.
20-05-02 21:02:13: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Americans spent their unemployment checks in a matter of hours
20-05-02 22:05:20: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: ]__[
20-05-02 22:10:11: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: ]__[ djps, y'all just need to wait for the next check, right?
20-05-02 22:15:45: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah, so maybe i'll go home and come back to work on the 15th :D
20-05-02 22:16:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] This kenwood has 2 cases availble and one of them is 3d printed
20-05-02 22:16:48: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I really want a leather case
20-05-03 01:33:39: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-03 01:35:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] elixx:
20-05-03 01:43:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] djps: some non-ham freqs you should put in your radio
20-05-03 01:48:17: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] thx dcubed. adding this to my notes
20-05-03 01:48:25: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] any advice on kenwood cases?
20-05-03 01:48:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] hmm
20-05-03 01:49:12: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i do not have any cases on my HT's
20-05-03 01:51:12: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm pretty good at not dropping shit, but it happens :\
20-05-03 01:51:57: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Here's what Kenwood offers lol
20-05-03 01:52:17: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i've given my kenwood ht lots of abuse over the last 8 years still no real dammage
20-05-03 01:52:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] just some scuffs on the screen
20-05-03 01:52:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] that case is a turd
20-05-03 01:52:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] lol
20-05-03 01:54:28: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-03 01:59:45: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I saw that one. They market it to pretty much every radio lol
20-05-03 01:59:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] It's like sticking it into a bag
20-05-03 02:00:16: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Or maybe they just keep using the same photo
20-05-03 02:01:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah its a hip pouch thing that you have to take the radio out to use the radio
20-05-03 02:02:42: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-03 02:02:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] lol that looks like a yaesu
20-05-03 02:03:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] aha yeah
20-05-03 02:04:11: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] maybe they're just being lazy and using the same photos, but i really want a case that allows me to use the radio
20-05-03 02:04:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm looking at custom leather shops now
20-05-03 02:04:56: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] The cases that fire departsments use are bomb
20-05-03 02:05:07: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] But those are all for commercial radios
20-05-03 02:05:19: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah well the FD radios are pretty rugged to start with
20-05-03 02:05:27: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah
20-05-03 02:06:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i have this one
20-05-03 02:08:04: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 700 MHz: 764-777, 794-806, 800 MHz: 806-824, 851-870
20-05-03 02:08:28: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Is there anything useful in those ranges these days? or is everything encrypted?
20-05-03 02:08:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] its a UHF version i have
20-05-03 02:08:43: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ahh
20-05-03 02:08:55: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 700 and 800 are just public safty trunked systems
20-05-03 02:09:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I have a kenwood-related question. I'm trying to figure out if the TH-D74a is a succsssor to the TH-D74, or if they are the same radio.
20-05-03 02:10:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Is there a comprehensive list of all kenwood radios? I cant find anything on their site
20-05-03 02:10:32: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] the last letter usually indicates the country it is for
20-05-03 02:10:33: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] A
20-05-03 02:10:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] america
20-05-03 02:10:39: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] e euorpe
20-05-03 02:10:39: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ahh, thx
20-05-03 02:11:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] That explains why the model number on the screen doesnt have the "a"
20-05-03 02:11:43: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Found a facebook group for my model. I supposed I should start a fake profile.
20-05-03 02:11:52: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] That just makes me feel dirty.
20-05-03 02:12:00: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I should look for a regular forum
20-05-03 02:13:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Here's the 3dprint case i mentioned earlier
20-05-03 02:13:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oops
20-05-03 02:13:23: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-03 02:13:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ahh like a drop case
20-05-03 02:14:20: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I just dont like all the ribby things from the print. Not sure what that's called
20-05-03 02:14:22: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] would be cool with a silicone cover too
20-05-03 02:14:31: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] silicone case would be greta
20-05-03 02:14:38: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah with proper sanding and polishing those go away
20-05-03 02:14:43: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ahh
20-05-03 02:14:49: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] maybe i'll get this one
20-05-03 02:15:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] im sure d-_-b could give me some tips on how to polish it up
20-05-03 02:15:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yup
20-05-03 02:15:44: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-03 02:15:46: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] |h|w0Title: Protect Your Kenwood D 74 Radio | K6UDA Radio - Views: 5319
20-05-03 02:18:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h any advice on batteries for the kenwood? are 3rd party ok or is there some proprietary magic going on?
20-05-03 02:18:33: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I think power will be my biggest problem on this unit
20-05-03 02:19:40: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i think if you just keep the battery chemistry the same, aftermarked units should be fine
20-05-03 02:20:13: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] om still rolling with the original battery on my TH-F6a
20-05-03 02:20:43: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i have the AA alkaline pack 'just in case' but dont know where it is
20-05-03 02:20:46: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] lol
20-05-03 02:21:43: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] what's the battery life on that unit?
20-05-03 02:22:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] its a 7.4v 1550mAh li-ion
20-05-03 02:23:14: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] found that it last for a day when using it
20-05-03 02:23:16: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] SubB-bandRX: 0.1 ~ 1300MHz
20-05-03 02:23:20: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I feel cheated
20-05-03 02:23:30: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] but standby it will go for a few days
20-05-03 02:23:52: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah it was bloddy  expensive
20-05-03 02:23:57: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] How much?
20-05-03 02:23:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] like north of $500
20-05-03 02:24:11: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah, but it's badass
20-05-03 02:24:23: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Did you upgrade the antenna?
20-05-03 02:24:28: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah really compact
20-05-03 02:24:57: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] antenna is aftermarket whip
20-05-03 02:25:08: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 14" long
20-05-03 02:25:20: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] tri-band or did you just go for the 70 and 2m?
20-05-03 02:26:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] its '70cm' antenna but when i tested it on my  nanoVNA it tests fine  on 144mhz
20-05-03 02:26:17: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] interesting
20-05-03 02:26:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] so there must be a trap inductor
20-05-03 02:26:40: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i also have a Diamond RH 771
20-05-03 02:26:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]  <-this unit?
20-05-03 02:27:00: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] but it has a BNC connector on it
20-05-03 02:27:12: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yes
20-05-03 02:28:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] cool
20-05-03 02:29:01: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I knew ambrose was really into ham since he was a teen, but I didn't realize you were as well
20-05-03 02:29:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yup thats how i met ambrose !
20-05-03 02:30:04: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] no way!
20-05-03 02:30:33: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Locally or were you in Montreal, he in Vancouver?
20-05-03 02:30:43: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] vancouver ~ 2008
20-05-03 02:30:49: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] club?
20-05-03 02:31:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah met at one of the local club's
20-05-03 02:31:11: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Nice
20-05-03 02:31:46: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] He was doing competitions and posting his results here back in like 1999
20-05-03 02:32:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] hah sweet
20-05-03 02:32:27: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I was barely into it at that point. I got more into it after 9/11, just as a SHTF option
20-05-03 02:32:48: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] No idea why i never got licensed. Too many other intersts i suppose
20-05-03 02:34:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I was a 1970s CB kid.
20-05-03 02:34:04: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] lol
20-05-03 02:34:27: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I think i watched Smokey and the Bandit one too many times.
20-05-03 02:35:13: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] So, now that I know to drop the "a" from the Kenwood model, I'm finding more info.
20-05-03 02:36:34: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h are you using the kenwood software to program, or is there a 3rd party that you prefer?
20-05-03 02:36:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i've only programmed it by hand
20-05-03 02:37:21: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] cause you need some fuckaround cable wich i dont have
20-05-03 02:37:49: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Ahh. That's how I set up my Yaesu FT-50R. Time consuming, but it gets the job done.
20-05-03 02:37:52: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] looks like the new one you just make a CSV file in excel and copy to the sd card
20-05-03 02:38:40: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] That's an option, but there's also an app.
20-05-03 02:38:55: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] But i like that it will accept a csv
20-05-03 02:39:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] This way you can modify a list and use formulas or whatever, then save as csv
20-05-03 02:40:13: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] They sell the app on CD for $25. That's a crime.
20-05-03 02:40:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] got my old motorola programming working ->
20-05-03 02:40:42: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] No disclaimer, like "hey dummy, you can just download it here"
20-05-03 02:40:45: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] lol software on a CD
20-05-03 02:42:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oh jeez, look at that toshiba.
20-05-03 02:42:16: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i get sentimental seeing photos like this
20-05-03 02:42:16: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 50mhz baby
20-05-03 02:42:33: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ~the good old days~
20-05-03 02:43:01: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Is this moto your main base station at home?
20-05-03 02:43:21: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] it will be the fixed station
20-05-03 02:43:31: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] cool
20-05-03 02:43:48: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] im bulding a new version of my 'go kit' that will have HF/VHF/UHF and battery power
20-05-03 02:44:23: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm not "there" yet. I'm focusing on all SHTF mobile for now, with options to putz around with the new digital stuffs.
20-05-03 02:45:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I even decided not to buy a dedicated car radio, just so everything can be go. I don't want to leave a nice radio behind for the zombies :)
20-05-03 02:46:26: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Might buy a car antenna and mount the kenwood on the dash tho.
20-05-03 02:49:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] right now the HF kit is in a pistol box i got for free ->
20-05-03 02:50:40: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] nice
20-05-03 02:51:16: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I should order another road case from sams club
20-05-03 02:52:46: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Did you buy the KX3 as a kit or pre-assembled?
20-05-03 02:52:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] kit
20-05-03 02:53:56: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] do you have the 100w amp?
20-05-03 02:54:04: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] no
20-05-03 02:54:14: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] just 'barefoot'
20-05-03 02:55:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i do have the ATU and internal battery pack option
20-05-03 03:00:55: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] this one looks rad but its not on the market yet ->
20-05-03 03:01:19: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] only issue with the KX3 is the tiny speaker that sucks
20-05-03 03:01:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i have to use headphones with it or you cant hear jackshit
20-05-03 03:04:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] That Icom looks sweet
20-05-03 03:05:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I convinced one of my old roommates to buy an icom, because he had too much disposable income and because I knew that I'd have access to it :)
20-05-03 03:05:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] But i cant find the goddamn model now.
20-05-03 03:05:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] haha awesome
20-05-03 03:05:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] It was just a black box, software only interface, 1-999MHz no gaps, imported
20-05-03 03:06:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Same radio used in the Predator drones
20-05-03 03:06:47: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] on
20-05-03 03:06:57: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] the 2500
20-05-03 03:07:42: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-03 03:07:49: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] probably the previous version of that
20-05-03 03:08:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] That's close
20-05-03 03:09:00: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I dont recall there being a speaker
20-05-03 03:09:25: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I think it was just a power chord jack and a bnc connector. Nothing else
20-05-03 03:12:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] We lived a block away from an ATT office at the time and they were leaking RF all over the place. Somehow we picked up incomming phone calls, techs, dispatch, etc.
20-05-03 03:12:08: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Fun times.
20-05-03 03:12:26: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] haha
20-05-03 03:13:08: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I used to have a folder on this shell account, full of those recordings. Great entertainment for us back then.
20-05-03 03:14:42: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] There was one tech who had a very thick south-side Chicago accent. Sounded like the SNL "da bears" skit.  I wish I could find those.
20-05-03 03:15:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] lol
20-05-03 03:15:33: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] For years, we would quote that guy.
20-05-03 03:15:55: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] "I PULL U-GUARDS!"
20-05-03 03:30:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I just spent 15 minutes looking for that Icom. Either I'm wrong, and we had the 2500 or it has been long forgotten
20-05-03 03:32:51: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h how does crossing borders work with call signs? Can you tx from a US repeater with your CA call sign?
20-05-03 03:33:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yes
20-05-03 03:34:00: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] there is a protol in place for that
20-05-03 03:34:23: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] "Examples: a Canadian Amateur would use VA3RAC/W4 in the US 4th call area. A US Amateur would sign as K8HI/VE3 in Ontario. The main difference for Canadian Amateurs operating in the US is that, unlike Canada, the US has a mandatory band plan which specifies modes and sub-bands. Canadians in the US must operate in accordance with FCC Part 97 Rules using the appropriate modes within their designated sub-bands. "
20-05-03 03:34:33: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-03 03:35:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-03 03:37:07: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] thanks!
20-05-03 03:42:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] if I was so inclined i can apply for an FCC license
20-05-03 03:43:00: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] "Any person, except a representative of a foreign government, may apply for an FCC amateur service license upon passing the qualifying examinations."
20-05-03 03:48:13: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Ambrose should do that since he's working here so often
20-05-03 03:48:57: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm perusing the TH-D74 FB group. These posts are so "helpful" :P
20-05-03 03:49:04: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] "Scott Taylor The best case in my opinion is the leather one I had to import from the UK 3 1/2 years ago when I first got my D74."
20-05-03 03:49:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] WHICH FUCKING CASE!?!
20-05-03 03:49:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm not signing up for that site again, so I can't tell him that directly :D
20-05-03 03:57:46: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] This sounds brutal and this isn't in the current manual.
20-05-03 03:58:46: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] sounds like old info
20-05-03 03:59:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i know my th6a will just stop charging when the battery is full
20-05-03 03:59:19: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] no timer crap
20-05-03 04:00:05: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] actually it is in the manual djps page 3-2 ->
20-05-03 04:07:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] thx dcubed, i was looking at an old manual
20-05-03 04:09:28: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] shit, i was looking at the "operating tips" pdf
20-05-03 04:10:32: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] you know they mean business with the have the fattest guy in goup bolting it down at the roof edge with no safty gear
20-05-03 04:11:38: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I didn't realize Don King was a HAM
20-05-03 04:12:26: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Hey! That's a Chicago group!
20-05-03 04:12:42: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah i was looking at this list
20-05-03 04:13:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm sure I glanced at it in repeaterbook, but havent seen their website until now
20-05-03 04:14:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] haha omg the gilly suit
20-05-03 04:16:28: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] All these hams in chicago are using wix or some sort of newb website service. They all look the same.
20-05-03 04:17:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]  SQUARESPACE
20-05-03 04:17:28: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Speaking of newbs, is there a site where i can rx from local repeaters online? I mean aside from radio reference or broadcastify?
20-05-03 04:17:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah! squarespace. that's it!
20-05-03 04:17:43: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I couldn't remember the name
20-05-03 04:17:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] well there is websdr
20-05-03 04:18:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-03 04:18:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah, but i was being lazy and didnt want to install it
20-05-03 04:18:21: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] its not a program
20-05-03 04:18:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] its a website
20-05-03 04:18:26: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oh?
20-05-03 04:18:29: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ok thx
20-05-03 04:19:40: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oh yeah, i tried looking up the repeater near me on this site. Didnt come up
20-05-03 04:20:38: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah doesnt look like there is a feed in your area
20-05-03 04:20:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] cleveland is the nearest
20-05-03 04:21:04: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] and way out of range for VHF/UHF
20-05-03 04:21:28: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah, i just looked at the map
20-05-03 04:23:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I guess I'll just wait until my Yaesu battery arrives on monday
20-05-03 04:23:14: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] The baofung comes wednesday
20-05-03 04:23:25: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] the kenwood in 2-6 biz days
20-05-03 04:23:42: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] you will be bussy!
20-05-03 04:23:45: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Probably a good excuse to keep studying for the test
20-05-03 04:29:39: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I think im gonna go fishing tomorrow. NOT WEARING A STUPID FUCKING MASK :D
20-05-03 04:29:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] good idea
20-05-03 04:29:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm gonna get some sleep. Thx for the help, dcubed. Gnight.
20-05-03 04:30:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] gnight
20-05-03 13:46:17: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] orders a battery charging cradle and cigarrete lighter adapter
20-05-03 16:03:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] damnit, my fishing license expired
20-05-03 16:03:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] june to march, wtf
20-05-03 16:12:14: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] damn
20-05-03 21:47:13: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i renewed my license, bought my first baitcasting reel for crankbaits, went to the lagoons and proved to the world that i suck at baitcasting :)
20-05-03 21:47:44: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I've only used larged baitcasting, in salt-water, off a boat or pier.
20-05-03 21:48:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I spent $15 on braided line and lost about 30% of that in backlash lol
20-05-03 23:39:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oh man, that's how you learn!
20-05-03 23:40:17: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] it's always untangleable
20-05-04 00:08:26: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] sure, if you spend enough time. My stop loss is 15 minutes, then I break out the knife.
20-05-04 00:09:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I picked up an Abu Garcia Pro Max. It's a budget baitcaster, and I can already see that I want something nicer.
20-05-04 00:09:22: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Maybe a Shimano.
20-05-04 00:10:32: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I still don't see the advantage of baitcasting over a spinning rig. Maybe it's because mine sucks.
20-05-04 00:16:48: [mfh] elixx: new feature :)
20-05-04 00:44:50: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] elixx: what's the percentage for?
20-05-04 00:50:50: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> explored
20-05-04 00:50:57: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> What you've seen
20-05-04 00:51:23: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ahh
20-05-04 00:51:39: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> If you've visited the whole world, you'd have 100% all the way down
20-05-04 01:18:46: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-04 01:18:48: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] |h|w0Title: Insane Murd r Going on in NYC Hospitals RN Discloses ~ Go Viral - Views: 250839
20-05-04 02:14:16: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] New interview with that Kern County doctor
20-05-04 02:14:17: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] |h|w0Title: CENSORED DOC DOUBLES DOWN - Views: 87872
20-05-04 02:47:40: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h any experience with the Abbree foldable antennaes?
20-05-04 02:47:41: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] |h|w0Title: ABBREE Foldable Super-Gain Baofeng VHF/UHF Antenna, With Test - Views: 27082
20-05-04 02:52:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i think they are colinear designs
20-05-04 02:53:08: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] so you get gain over an omni or ground plane halfwave
20-05-04 02:53:26: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ive not tryed i one before
20-05-04 02:54:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] my next antenna is the going to be a jpol (slim jim) which is a vertical folded dipol
20-05-04 02:54:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 6db gain iirc
20-05-04 03:04:05: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Dude in that video hit a repeater at 30 miles.
20-05-04 03:04:30: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] They're only 20 bucks. I think i'll grab one.
20-05-04 03:10:19: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h stupid question, if a radio specs "SMA" for the antenna, does that mean male or female?
20-05-04 03:20:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] there is SMA-M SMA-F and SMA-RP [reverse polarity]
20-05-04 03:21:22: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] so you would have to see what is on your bowfang
20-05-04 03:21:30: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] as it is not standard iirc
20-05-04 03:21:57: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] your kenwood will have a SMA-F on it [standard polarity]
20-05-04 03:21:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm buying for the Kenwood.
20-05-04 03:22:07: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] hmmm
20-05-04 03:22:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] are you sure?
20-05-04 03:23:07: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-04 03:23:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] The female doesnt list kenwood
20-05-04 03:23:30: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] The male does:
20-05-04 03:23:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] look at the fist pic
20-05-04 03:24:43: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] you want the second one for your kenwood
20-05-04 03:25:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] right
20-05-04 03:25:49: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oh i get it, you mean the radio side is female
20-05-04 03:25:51: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah the radio side is always SMA-F for kenwood/yeasu/icom
20-05-04 03:25:55: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah
20-05-04 03:26:12: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] whew, i ordered the right one
20-05-04 03:26:39: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] :)
20-05-04 03:26:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] When i orderd the tri-band antenna, it listed the kenwood as being compatable, and i never looked at the specs, so i was doing it blindly.
20-05-04 03:33:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] heh
20-05-04 03:35:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] the sma-rp crap was prolific on the first generation of bofang and the like
20-05-04 03:41:20: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] The antennas I bought for the baofeng UV-82HP are sma female
20-05-04 03:41:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oh, first gen
20-05-04 03:44:04: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] is the UV-5r considered first gen?
20-05-04 03:49:16: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] The first gen of that model requires sma female antenna
20-05-04 03:49:29: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 2012
20-05-04 03:49:38: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] or is there an earlier model?
20-05-04 03:50:20: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 2012 is about right
20-05-04 15:24:45: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] walmart no longer accepting returns
20-05-04 15:24:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] That's fucking bullshit
20-05-04 15:34:17: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] lame
20-05-04 19:09:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] woot my TM-V71a is ready for pickup at the post office!
20-05-04 19:14:56: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] nice
20-05-04 19:16:55: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Did you order a whip too? I can't remember
20-05-04 19:18:42: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] neg
20-05-04 19:23:55: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i have the slim jim dual band comming
20-05-04 20:03:31: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] My AARL license manual arrived
20-05-04 20:04:16: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] sdhc card and Nagoya 771 too
20-05-04 20:04:32: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Now all im missing is an operational radio :P
20-05-04 20:04:52: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Yaesu battery got held back a day by the post office.
20-05-04 20:06:27: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h is it advisable to use adapters on antennaes, like SMA-F to SMA-M?
20-05-04 20:07:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I will probably want to use these Nagoyas on the Yaesu too.
20-05-04 20:08:47: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] err, actually that would be a SMA-F to SMa-F barrel
20-05-04 20:11:47: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oops, male to male
20-05-04 20:11:50: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] those barrels are a bit weak if you can find one that has a good base to it to mount flush with the top of the radio
20-05-04 20:11:51: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] shrugs
20-05-04 20:12:16: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] probably better off buying dedicated antennnas, no?
20-05-04 20:12:25: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] they're cheap as dirt anyway
20-05-04 20:12:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah less change of it breaking your radio/antenna if you drop it
20-05-04 20:12:45: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah, makes sense
20-05-04 21:20:46: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] fan on this radio is quite noitceable when its running
20-05-04 22:07:12: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] :\
20-05-04 23:40:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] another antenna arrived and i dont remember ordering this one :P
20-05-04 23:42:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] haha
20-05-05 00:31:47: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oh duh, i orderd this for the Yaesu
20-05-05 00:32:09: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] This was the first order i placed, along with the battery replacement
20-05-05 00:32:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] How's the new kenwood?
20-05-05 00:46:32: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] pretty rad
20-05-05 00:46:43: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] playing with packet modem stuff for the first time
20-05-05 00:47:19: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] sexy
20-05-05 00:50:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] For the price point, it's freakishly powerful
20-05-05 00:53:13: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Kinda off-topic, but i'm surpised that the big radio manufacturers only provide windows software/drivers.
20-05-05 00:53:34: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] You'd think that the ham community would be strictly linux by now
20-05-05 00:54:21: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Glad to see that CHIRP is cross platform
20-05-05 00:54:56: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah lots of hams are over 60 y/o and have troublr with nix
20-05-05 00:56:19: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Really? I would have never guessed by looking at their Squarespace pages ;)
20-05-05 00:57:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I've been reading a lot of the old timer's sites and watching their youtubes. These guys remain really sharp well into their 70s and 80s.
20-05-05 00:58:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] If someone tossed linux in my lap at 60, i'd probably tell them I just spent the last 20 years fighting with windows. :D
20-05-05 01:00:47: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm plowing through this ARRL manual and the only thing I've learned that I didn't from youtube was that Joe Walsh is a ham.
20-05-05 03:03:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Ok, 3rd chapter gets better
20-05-05 03:04:49: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ahh, they moved much of the 2nd chapter to the 3rd.
20-05-05 07:04:00: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] woot! finally after several hours i found a packet node that would listen to me and send me a message!
20-05-05 11:32:20: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Nice!
20-05-05 11:56:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Another nurse who says people are being killed in hosptals.  Starts at 2:45:
20-05-05 12:01:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] "I am literally telling you that they are murdering people."
20-05-05 12:34:04: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx>
20-05-05 12:34:05: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] |h|w0Title: As the Fed prepares to buy bond ETFs, market analysts predict its impact on the space - Views: 8830
20-05-05 12:51:22: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Heh, this guy's artwork
20-05-05 13:37:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h what was the challenge in getting a response from a packet node? Technical or just a lack of participation?
20-05-05 13:39:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] my path to the note i wanted to must be crap as it was timing out a lot.  switched over to one on to the south west on Saltspring Island and worked first try
20-05-05 13:43:48: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Let me see if i understand this correctly.. if the internet is shut down, packet radio will still be fully functional, whereas D-Star/YSF/DMR will be essentially useless, aside from talking to people in a digital voice coded who can hit a local repeater. Correct?
20-05-05 13:44:00: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] *codec
20-05-05 13:45:23: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Or, are both mainly propagated through the internet?
20-05-05 13:45:30: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] if the radio site is connected via RF to other nodes those will remain up.  so for example our BCWARN network that has point-to-point highspeed data links with OSPF routers at each site will remain up
20-05-05 13:45:56: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Got it.
20-05-05 13:46:16: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] This applies to both packet radio and D*, etc?
20-05-05 13:46:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] that example is for d-star
20-05-05 13:47:17: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] with packet store-and-forward networks like Winmor and Winlink they do not 'use' the internet they are all intependant for messages handling
20-05-05 13:47:44: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Nice.
20-05-05 13:48:08: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] but to save time and to get the messages to internet only addresses there are gateways in-out of the internet
20-05-05 13:49:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Gotcha. thx
20-05-05 13:49:30: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i think part of my probem last night was congestion on the channel. i tryed the hilltop node and it worked first try and didnt time out
20-05-05 13:49:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Are you mobile yet? or just setting up the kenwood at home right now?
20-05-05 13:51:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] it's still on my bench. have to collect some more components... right now im using a 60lb linear 50A power suplly to run it
20-05-05 13:52:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i have a small switching power supply comming
20-05-05 17:59:14: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yaesu battery arrived
20-05-05 17:59:29: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I hit the repeater nearest the restaurant
20-05-05 17:59:41: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] they're cussing like truckers lol
20-05-05 18:05:44: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] classy
20-05-05 19:13:33: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] They're all talking about hoardin meat and Instant Pots lol
20-05-05 19:13:41: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Baofeng arrived. 1 day early.
20-05-05 19:17:23: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] just found a program that will allow 2 packet stations play a game of chess
20-05-05 19:23:42: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] sends out some PR-CHESS beacons
20-05-05 19:35:22: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] haha, neat
20-05-05 19:41:43: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm on overload over here. It's like Christmas. I don't know what to play with first.
20-05-05 19:42:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] The Baofeng feels like a cheap toy.
20-05-05 20:01:19: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I didnt realize i could program my FT-50R with CHIRP
20-05-05 20:01:34: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I just orderd a usb cable for it
20-05-05 20:19:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] internet on the east coast just took a bump
20-05-05 20:19:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] routes are still a messed up
20-05-05 20:19:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah CHIRP is great
20-05-05 21:16:43: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ours went down for 10 minutes
20-05-05 21:17:08: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] their probably just testing to see if the kill switch still works
20-05-05 21:17:12: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] *they're
20-05-05 22:19:25: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [__]
20-05-05 22:19:40: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [__]
20-05-05 22:19:52: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [__] from the london underground
20-05-05 22:58:56: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx>
20-05-05 22:59:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx>
20-05-05 22:59:20: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> "It was that dude Cap and his lucille ball hairdo"
20-05-06 00:54:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] HAHA
20-05-06 01:06:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h I have 3 radios to program... is it worth the $15 for 3 months of
20-05-06 01:06:40: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 1000 channels is a buttload of work lol
20-05-06 01:10:20: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] chirp has RR integration?
20-05-06 01:10:46: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i only ever used RR to program my scanners... and only had access because i was a feed provider
20-05-06 01:11:01: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] is programming by hand on the V71
20-05-06 01:11:17: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] lets me kerchunk the repeater to see if im even in range lol
20-05-06 01:15:48: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah, it has RR
20-05-06 01:16:00: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Im gonna sign up when i get home
20-05-06 01:16:05: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 3 months for $15
20-05-06 01:16:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'll make a shit load of csv files
20-05-06 01:16:44: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] hollar if you want me to create one for you
20-05-06 01:16:52: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] cool
20-05-06 01:17:09: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] btw, the baofeng squelch does nothing
20-05-06 01:17:14: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] and you probably get access to brodcastify feed recordings?
20-05-06 01:17:23: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah bcast too
20-05-06 01:17:29: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] lol yeah man she is wide open
20-05-06 01:17:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] loose bitch
20-05-06 01:18:08: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] you will really notice the differnce when you get that kenwood ht
20-05-06 01:18:14: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Seems there is a solution
20-05-06 01:18:19: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] with CHIRP
20-05-06 01:18:42: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I already notice a huge difference between the yaesu and baofeng
20-05-06 01:18:49: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] The baofeng is garbage lol
20-05-06 01:19:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] But it's cheap enough and i can use it as a beater
20-05-06 01:29:21: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] it'll probably sit in my tacklebox and be used when i go fishing
20-05-06 01:29:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] program in all those "hunters" freq i sent the other day
20-05-06 01:30:14: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ...on the other hand, the Kenwood will sit on a velvet pillow surrounded by velvet ropes and armed guards
20-05-06 01:30:22: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Yea, the MURS
20-05-06 01:30:38: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> bug hunters ? 8)
20-05-06 01:30:55: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I just added the default MURS from CHIRP, but there are only 5. I'll do that full list you sent, or whatever they have on RR
20-05-06 01:31:09: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx>
20-05-06 01:31:33: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] thx elixx!
20-05-06 01:31:52: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] This is the type of crap i dig
20-05-06 01:32:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] bugs, cordless phones, etc
20-05-06 01:32:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] bbiab, delivery
20-05-06 01:32:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeliverrrrrrrry
20-05-06 01:43:04: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] returns
20-05-06 01:43:19: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] hey! that squelch setting on CHIRP works
20-05-06 01:43:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I think i set mine a little too high. gonna reduce it a few ticks
20-05-06 01:45:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oh wait, they're mapped, i just lower it in the radio menu
20-05-06 01:47:16: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm gonna pack up my shit, pick up a bottle of wine and head home and get on RR.
20-05-06 01:47:17: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] bbiab
20-05-06 02:25:55: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] djps:
20-05-06 02:37:29: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] lol
20-05-06 02:38:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] My bad, RR is $15 for 6 months
20-05-06 02:38:17: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] They dont give you any extra for doing 1 or 2 years.
20-05-06 02:38:21: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] So i got 6 months.
20-05-06 02:38:32: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] installs CHIRP on his desktop
20-05-06 02:58:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I just queried my zipcode on RR. It took about 5 minutes and returned 2,692 frequencies
20-05-06 02:58:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Gonna just save the entire thing.
20-05-06 02:59:04: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h gimmie your zipcode and I'll grab everything and you can sort it out later.
20-05-06 02:59:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] You should probably do Montreal too
20-05-06 03:01:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] v6y3a3
20-05-06 03:01:30: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] k
20-05-06 03:01:45: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] mtl is h4b2y5
20-05-06 03:02:22: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] k
20-05-06 03:02:43: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] elixx: hollar if you want some channel csv or img for CHIRP in baltimore
20-05-06 03:04:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I cant save all 2,600+ at once, since the radio that is attached is limited to 999, or maybe there's a way, but i dunno how lol
20-05-06 03:04:51: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] checks if he can do it from the site
20-05-06 03:07:08: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] what radus are you setting on your range?
20-05-06 03:07:23: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] or did you just pick your whole state?
20-05-06 03:15:49: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] For the RR query, it says uhh, i forgot... i think it asks for location, or maybe zip.  I enter zip and them whammo, ball of wax
20-05-06 03:16:48: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] err, wait, that wasnt the "query", that was the "data something". I cant check the name becaue i have the results window open
20-05-06 03:17:09: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I think i can target specific services with the query funtion
20-05-06 03:17:39: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Stand by, trying to figure this out
20-05-06 03:20:07: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yikes... this dude doesnt know what he is doing
20-05-06 03:26:01: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] What county is vancouver in? I cannot find this info anywhere lol
20-05-06 03:27:30: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] jamaca
20-05-06 03:28:16: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] it's not "greater vancouver"?
20-05-06 03:28:25: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah that will do
20-05-06 03:28:39: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] also know as metro vancouver
20-05-06 03:31:22: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] what about montreal?
20-05-06 03:31:25: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] which county
20-05-06 03:33:11: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-06 03:33:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm putting them here
20-05-06 03:33:47: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-06 03:35:16: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] the csv is the whole ball of wax
20-05-06 03:35:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I uploaded to /csv
20-05-06 03:35:51: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dope
20-05-06 03:36:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Hollar if u'd like anything else
20-05-06 03:37:26: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'll grab baltimore in case elixx wants it
20-05-06 03:43:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I should do a csv just for hospitals
20-05-06 03:45:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Hospitals and EMS i get 116 in Cook Cty
20-05-06 03:46:08: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] What's TRS?
20-05-06 03:46:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] trunked?
20-05-06 03:47:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yes trunked radio systenlm
20-05-06 04:13:41: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] The repeater/club near the restaurant is still the most active freq I'm getting, even while back home
20-05-06 04:13:56: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm about 5 miles north of the restaurant now.
20-05-06 04:14:09: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I think the repeater is a mile east of the restaurant.
20-05-06 04:17:07: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] what is the callsing of the repeater
20-05-06 04:17:14: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] callsign*
20-05-06 04:18:22: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-06 04:18:45: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oh nice the dudes with the guts on the roof
20-05-06 04:18:49: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] They just did a 73 round and like 50 guys signed off
20-05-06 04:18:57: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ha
20-05-06 04:19:05: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] No, that was the North Shore club
20-05-06 04:19:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I think
20-05-06 04:19:11: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] hmm
20-05-06 04:19:14: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] maybe not
20-05-06 04:19:22: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah NS sound right
20-05-06 04:19:29: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] this website looks diffent than the gut club
20-05-06 04:19:32: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] The one yo sent me was a squarespace page
20-05-06 04:19:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah, north shore
20-05-06 04:19:52: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I havent heard them!!!!  they must sleep and put on weight
20-05-06 04:21:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I would do a delivery westward, like 6 miles and this repeater would be clear as day
20-05-06 04:21:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Conversations went nonstop all day
20-05-06 04:21:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] chat line
20-05-06 04:22:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] nice repeater gear these guys are using
20-05-06 04:22:19: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] About half the guys have the south side accent and they talk about hot dogs. It's great entertainment. I'll record some stuff to sd when the kenwood comes in
20-05-06 04:22:21: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] motorola quantro/quantar
20-05-06 04:22:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] those things are hardcore
20-05-06 04:22:45: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] built for police use
20-05-06 04:23:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] cool, i need to learn about repeaters. I know nothing. All I know is that these guys were dominating the north side. I was on the Yaesu (before the baofung arrived) and I was blown away.
20-05-06 04:23:51: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] this is a repeater
20-05-06 04:23:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I dont think my fm radio will get turned on for at least a few months
20-05-06 04:24:13: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oh wow
20-05-06 04:24:47: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] we had one of those in service here untill we got booted off the roof of one of the uni libraries
20-05-06 04:25:19: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] on our may site we use the more modern Micor units
20-05-06 04:25:39: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] This is exciting stuff. I'm pretty psyched to know this club/repeater is central to where i work
20-05-06 04:25:44: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] the radio is the pizza box that sticks out from the rack
20-05-06 04:25:56: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] above that is the amp and below is the controller
20-05-06 04:26:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] sweet
20-05-06 04:26:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] our mountain top site is built on battery power so when the power goes out we keep running
20-05-06 04:27:07: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] and we just built a generator into the shack
20-05-06 04:27:29: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 4 week runtime on the fuel on site
20-05-06 04:27:46: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] wow
20-05-06 04:28:19: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] How long have you been a member?
20-05-06 04:28:46: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 2010ish
20-05-06 04:28:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] cool
20-05-06 04:29:48: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] fuel tank at the back of the building is monitored
20-05-06 04:30:26: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] looks like it was a nice day today
20-05-06 04:31:16: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] tower needs replacing next as it is from the 60's or 70's
20-05-06 04:31:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] is that a filter on the photo or is this pic from some type of packet radio?
20-05-06 04:31:50: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] its compressed
20-05-06 04:31:55: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] save disk space
20-05-06 04:31:56: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ahh
20-05-06 04:32:27: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] the tower cam is PTZ with 50x optical zoom
20-05-06 04:32:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] we can read licence plates in the parkinglot
20-05-06 04:33:38: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] they had to move the building when i was in MTL
20-05-06 04:35:32: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] jeez, a buttload of work
20-05-06 04:37:31: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed do you ever use SSB?
20-05-06 04:38:05: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yup
20-05-06 04:38:08: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] lots
20-05-06 04:38:44: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] that is how 99% of comms are done on HF
20-05-06 04:38:47: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] cool. I'll be picking your brain when my kenwood arrives. SSB is one of the reasons I got the Kenwood over that Yaesu
20-05-06 04:39:00: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] you can use SSB on any freq
20-05-06 04:39:08: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah
20-05-06 04:39:33: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] there is a group of dudes in WA state that have a net at 0700
20-05-06 04:39:38: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i can hear some of them
20-05-06 04:39:50: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] cool
20-05-06 04:39:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 144.230mhz
20-05-06 04:40:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i have no VHF SSB tx equipment tho
20-05-06 04:40:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] its best to have a dedicated radio for that mode like the IC-9700
20-05-06 04:42:50: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] crap
20-05-06 04:43:25: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 1/2 bottle of wine and I'm jamming a headphone set into the yaesu and i'm txing all over the place :\
20-05-06 04:43:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dumbass
20-05-06 04:43:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ha
20-05-06 04:43:39: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] calls the FCC
20-05-06 04:43:40: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I totally forgot
20-05-06 04:44:21: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] there should be a way  to lock out the TX
20-05-06 04:44:34: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] there is, i will look it up again
20-05-06 04:44:47: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Havent touched this since just after 9/11
20-05-06 04:45:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Nice little oldie. I bet i could throw it down the stairs and nothing bad would happen
20-05-06 04:46:34: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I forgot to order a travel case. Gonna grab another one of those Chinese fake pelican cases from Sam's club
20-05-06 04:47:38: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] good call
20-05-06 04:48:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] haha, Harbor Freight has the same case for twice the price and all they did was put their name on it.
20-05-06 04:48:31: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] At least it looks the same.
20-05-06 04:48:49: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Again 1/2 bottle of wine at this point :P
20-05-06 04:49:05: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] wow so cheap
20-05-06 04:49:50: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i pulled the trigger on the genuine thing today IM2400 yellow with no foam insert $184.00 shipped
20-05-06 04:50:42: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] That's cheap for a Pelican
20-05-06 04:51:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-06 04:51:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I have 6 of those for my film gear
20-05-06 04:51:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Out of stock now :(
20-05-06 04:51:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] They only last a day or two, then they're gone.
20-05-06 04:51:59: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'll keep checking... OR, cannibalize one of my film cases :D
20-05-06 04:52:17: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] But the foam is already cut for lenses and gear
20-05-06 04:53:38: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Yep, different case than that Harbor Freight, slightly. Maybe just a different handle.
20-05-06 04:54:01: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] These are probably found on Alibaba in bulk with customization.
20-05-06 04:58:32: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] love that name "Members's Mark"
20-05-06 04:58:38: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] so generic
20-05-06 05:05:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-06 05:05:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] |h|w0Title: British WW2 clandestine radio, Type 3 Mk. II (B2) - Views: 1426
20-05-06 05:07:44: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] nice jeep
20-05-06 05:07:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oui oui
20-05-06 05:08:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] wait, this isnt french
20-05-06 05:08:12: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] norway
20-05-06 05:08:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ahh
20-05-06 05:08:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] these radios were dropped in for the resistance
20-05-06 05:08:43: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] suitcase radio's
20-05-06 05:08:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] kinda like what im building ;)
20-05-06 05:09:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] just way less fuckery
20-05-06 05:09:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I have my desktop headset on my left ear and the Chicago FM Club in the other. I'm on overload
20-05-06 05:09:34: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] welcome to the club
20-05-06 05:09:54: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] btw, seems like the late night chatter on the local club turns more technical late night.
20-05-06 05:10:11: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Around noon, they all were debating what to put on their hotdogs.
20-05-06 05:10:23: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ha
20-05-06 05:10:51: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Now the club is talking about the shutdown and these are the first guys i've heard that didn't buy into the lies.
20-05-06 05:11:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] The guys earlier were clueless.
20-05-06 05:35:04: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ambrose|h:|h holler if you need any frequency csv files from whereever it is you are working these days.
20-05-06 05:35:50: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Heh, that man can probably programe them by hand faster than I can click "download". :P
20-05-06 05:37:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Added some counties in Kansas, Wyoming and North Dakota for some other ham friends.
20-05-06 05:37:28: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'll eventually add a shitload, but these are priorities.
20-05-06 05:53:21: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ha nice
20-05-06 06:46:49: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I've been filtering this Cook Cty (chicago) csv down to 999 freqs and I'm realizing that Chicagoans have RF up their butts.
20-05-06 06:47:56: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm down to 1147. Public works was the last to go
20-05-06 06:51:09: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed, et al. Please don't link directly to that folder, but feel free to share the csv files one-on-one. -in the spirit of supporting RR. thx
20-05-06 07:20:40: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] These csv need some work to be imported. eg; subtract column B from column A to get the offset. Also format all columns according to the format the radio accepts.
20-05-06 07:29:50: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] sleeps
20-05-06 14:09:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] radio reference
20-05-06 14:45:15: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] "shoppers at Longos are required to wear face masks to enter the stores"
20-05-06 14:45:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] grocery store
20-05-06 14:45:31: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] so awesome, not allowed unless you are wearing a mask... it used to be the other way around haha
20-05-06 14:45:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] looks at the media news for the first time in 2 weeks
20-05-06 14:45:56: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Same ole... lol
20-05-06 14:59:27: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] masks make people sick
20-05-06 15:11:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Scheduled delivery:Wednesday 5/06/2020 by end of day
20-05-06 15:12:01: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] woop
20-05-06 15:12:09: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Kenwood arriving today.
20-05-06 15:37:29: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] nice
20-05-06 16:24:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] kenwood arrived 5 minutes after i got to work. If i was any later, I would have missed it lol
20-05-06 16:26:47: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] gigaparts sent me a Yaesu hat that looks like it might fit an infant.
20-05-06 16:30:55: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] This radio is about half the size i imagined.
20-05-06 17:22:39: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] my 15A power supply is ready for pickup at the post office
20-05-06 17:38:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm scanning police radio and it's all people calling the cops on people for playing soccer, jogging, walking, etc
20-05-06 17:38:32: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] "6 people jogging together"
20-05-06 17:38:41: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] call the SWAT team
20-05-06 17:39:33: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] jesus
20-05-06 17:40:11: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] you guys are lucky... still have analog PD dispatch
20-05-06 17:40:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] we have P25 phase2 TDMA encrypted PD dispatch
20-05-06 17:41:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i can hear Watcom County WA sherrifs
20-05-06 18:03:41: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] The CPD budget is the largest budget in the city, in the billions (cant remember) and they still haven't upgraded their communications.
20-05-06 18:06:48: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] This D74 is so intuitive. I haven't even opened the manual and I'm trying to deplete the battery so i can charge it and I'm able to pretty much fully operate this thing.
20-05-06 18:07:01: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] And this is the first kenwood i've ever used.
20-05-06 18:08:32: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Compared to my Yaesu, which I could barely turn on without rtfm :P
20-05-06 22:38:12: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] nice dude that is a solid unit
20-05-06 22:38:26: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I had an earlier variant
20-05-07 00:12:11: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] It's pretty awesome. I finally got it fully charged. Going through the manual now and listening to local repeaters.
20-05-07 00:26:35: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] awesome man
20-05-07 00:27:00: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah kenwood menu system is logical
20-05-07 13:07:02: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] #ConspiracyTheory trending on twitter
20-05-07 13:07:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] a term coined by the Warren Commission
20-05-07 16:29:58: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Kenwood fast charger and ciggarette charger arrived early.
20-05-07 16:30:12: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Pretty happy with so far
20-05-07 16:43:20: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Police scanner dispatch: anon call, group outside no facemasks and no social distancing
20-05-07 16:43:26: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Cop: it's not a crime
20-05-07 16:43:32: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Dispatch: no, it's not a crime
20-05-07 17:19:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ha
20-05-07 17:23:50: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h any idea how fast these kenwood rapid chargers charge?
20-05-07 17:24:13: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] The dc charger was 3.5 hours. Curious how much faster the rapid charger is.
20-05-07 18:05:40: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] no clue
20-05-07 18:43:52: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ordered another battery
20-05-07 18:44:13: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] This thing eats power.
20-05-07 18:44:44: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] On the bright side, i can use the ciggarette adapter to power the unit without the battery in it
20-05-07 19:38:38: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] rapid charge was about 2 hrs 45 mins
20-05-07 19:50:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 3 days of listening to CPD and I can break it down into 2 main types of dispatches...
20-05-07 19:51:07: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 50% are people reporting people for social distancing and masks
20-05-07 19:52:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 50% reports of people either running down the street naked, walking with their pants around their knees and people "bouncing up and down".
20-05-07 19:52:24: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I wish I had been recording this shit.
20-05-07 20:54:52: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] welp
20-05-07 20:55:01: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] The shit is about to hit the fan
20-05-07 20:55:10: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] We cannot buy beef from our distributors
20-05-07 20:55:37: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] and distributors are not taking on new accounts, so they can serve their current customers
20-05-07 20:55:56: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] In 2 months, we'll all be eating soylent green
20-05-07 21:49:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 1
20-05-07 22:12:11: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [__] llamas.
20-05-07 22:12:40: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [__]
20-05-07 22:13:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [__] that's a two birds with one fluffy stone kinda deal.
20-05-07 23:33:12: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h the kenwood memory programmer was crap and CHIRP doesnt support the D74. Ended up buying this
20-05-07 23:34:31: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I can query RR, repeaterbook, etc from inside the app, same as chirp
20-05-08 02:49:17: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I don't understand the "groups" feature in memory channels
20-05-08 02:49:57: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] This manual seems like it was written in Japanese, then translated by a non-technical translator
20-05-08 02:56:26: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] groups are in memory sections
20-05-08 02:56:34: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 1-99 is group 1
20-05-08 02:56:40: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 100-199 group 2
20-05-08 02:56:53: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 200-299 group 3 etc..
20-05-08 02:57:08: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] then there is a way to group the groups
20-05-08 02:57:18: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] so you can scan group 1 and 3 together
20-05-08 02:57:27: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] atleast that is how it is on the V71
20-05-08 02:57:41: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] ahh
20-05-08 02:57:43: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] thx
20-05-08 02:58:42: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] do you know if those numbers are flexible?  like 0-34, 35-348, 349-etc?
20-05-08 02:58:49: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dont thinkso
20-05-08 02:58:55: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] k, thanks
20-05-08 02:59:13: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] but i havn't looked that much at the manual for that radio
20-05-08 02:59:48: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] im pretty sure that basic scanning features are the same on kenwoods, or at least very similar
20-05-08 03:00:21: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] err, i would assume
20-05-08 03:01:45: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm working ~16-18 hrs a day, so most of what I'm doing as far as studying/configuring is done in bits and pieces. I need some off days to really figure all this out.
20-05-08 04:27:32: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] heads home
20-05-08 05:05:33: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] home
20-05-08 05:07:47: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] If I had a dollar for every link I've received for the Plandemic video, I'd probably have 134 dollars. Jeez, look at my inbox.
20-05-08 05:09:04: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Hopefully, people will realize that youtube is not our friend.
20-05-08 05:13:03: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed, ambrose [__] forgive the caps, but it's a copy/paste...
20-05-08 05:13:05: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] We Need To Talk About Canada’s POLICE STATE Response To COVID-19(84)
20-05-08 05:13:13: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-08 05:13:42: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] oh cool, those caps didn't translate to clipboard.
20-05-08 10:14:26: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> haha 'covid-1984'
20-05-08 13:24:08: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] i laughed my ass off when i first saw someone say that
20-05-08 13:24:25: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] perfect
20-05-08 13:58:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Jeez, SDRs are starting at around $20 these days.
20-05-08 13:58:07: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] |h|w0Title: The Beginner's Guide To Software Defined Radio RTL-SDR - Views: 217590
20-05-08 13:58:13: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] They were cutting edge 20 years ago
20-05-08 14:00:26: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] 1MHz to 6GHz
20-05-08 14:28:52: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] School guidlines in Quebec:
20-05-08 14:29:14: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] This is completely fucked.
20-05-08 14:41:41: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Here's a video on it:
20-05-08 14:45:01: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] elixx: Here's another one: covfefe-19 :D
20-05-08 14:57:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h I'm listening to local news IFB frequencies. This good stuff.
20-05-08 16:04:36: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] djps: yep good times
20-05-08 16:04:45: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] goes to the beach
20-05-08 23:28:55: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I just received an email from our alderman.
20-05-08 23:29:06: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] I'll cut to the chase...
20-05-08 23:29:09: [mfh] ircbot-DrasticalMUD: [email protected] Phase 5 – Illinois Restored: With a vaccine or highly effective treatment widely available or the elimination of any new cases over a sustained period, the economy fully reopens with safety precautions continuing.
20-05-09 00:02:57: [mfh] elixx: test
20-05-09 00:03:30: [mfh] elixx: test
20-05-09 00:03:45: [mfh] elixx: aaand we're back
20-05-09 00:15:58: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> breaking news: wearing masks causes autism
20-05-09 00:53:13: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] returns with a sunburn
20-05-09 02:19:56: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] hah, sunbun. It's gonna be 20F tonight
20-05-09 02:20:03: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] in chicago
20-05-09 02:20:30: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] it snowed in mtl today
20-05-09 02:30:53: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] wow, and you went to the beach?
20-05-09 02:31:14: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] just figured out how to scan groups. It's not even in the manual. :\
20-05-09 02:31:39: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I feel like i just discovered pizza.
20-05-09 03:03:10: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] packs up and heads home
20-05-09 03:43:47: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h "Broadcasters receive a free premium subscription on Broadcastify AND"
20-05-09 03:44:22: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] If you broadcast a channel on Broadcastify, you get both subscriptions for free.
20-05-09 03:53:09: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] nice
20-05-09 13:51:55: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-09 13:52:01: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] 6666!
20-05-09 13:52:05: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] you can't make this stuff up
20-05-09 14:13:40: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Doves attacking 5G tower
20-05-09 15:42:22: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h can you shed some light on how bank name links work in kenwood? There's nothing in the manual.
20-05-09 15:42:37: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Example:
20-05-09 15:42:56: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Name: Group-1
20-05-09 15:43:03: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Link: Group-1
20-05-09 15:43:20: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] or, the link can be another group
20-05-09 15:43:51: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I read that this is used for scanning multiple groups, but linking them doesn't seem to do anything.
20-05-09 15:44:19: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I wanna be able to scan several groups, but not all groups.
20-05-09 15:44:30: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] HAM, FRS, GMRS, MURS.
20-05-09 18:54:56: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] rises
20-05-09 19:00:05: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] djps: i think you want Group Link Scan
20-05-09 19:00:07: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] scans memory channel in the plural
20-05-09 19:00:07: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] memory groups registered in the group
20-05-09 19:00:08: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] link	list.
20-05-09 19:01:32: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] so looks like there are a maximum of 29 Groups
20-05-09 19:01:54: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] well 30...
20-05-09 19:02:00: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] each memory channel will be allocated to a group from group
20-05-09 19:02:01: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] 0	to	group	29.
20-05-09 19:03:12: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] " Ch.100 is group 1, CH.200 is group 2, etc.) If a group is confgured, memory channels for each group will be recalled and memory channel scan can be enabled for each group"
20-05-09 19:03:48: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] so sound like you have the groups already sorted and assigned a name to the group
20-05-09 19:04:16: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] next you want to link a bunch of groups so it scans them as you wish
20-05-09 19:05:39: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] very  confusing language "Group link scan is to scan memory channel in the plural memory groups registered in the group link list"
20-05-09 19:06:27: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] 1) Access Menu no. 203
20-05-09 19:06:37: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] read the manual page 9-3
20-05-09 19:07:23: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] select your grops in or out of the link list by pushing the [M/R] key
20-05-09 19:07:38: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] err [A/B] key
20-05-09 19:07:52: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] then when you want to scan the Linked Groups
20-05-09 19:08:05: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Press [MR]
20-05-09 19:08:28: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Press [MHz] key for 1seconnd
20-05-09 19:08:46: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] then it goes into Linked Group scanning
20-05-09 20:59:50: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] wtf, i was running searches through the manual pdf and not finding "group link" except in another section.
20-05-09 21:00:01: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Now it comes up. Thx dcubed!
20-05-09 21:00:25: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] The MHz button is probably the only one i had not tried lol
20-05-09 21:01:42: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] woop
20-05-09 21:01:45: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] works!
20-05-09 21:19:13: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] nice!
20-05-09 21:23:00: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] So much better now with groups/links.
20-05-09 21:23:31: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Cops were hogging everything when all I could do were scan "all groups"
20-05-09 21:41:48: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] actually, group link not working
20-05-09 21:41:52: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] it only says it is
20-05-09 21:42:03: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] maybe i linked them wrong
20-05-09 22:34:47: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Perhaps there is only one "group link"
20-05-09 22:35:08: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Like, only one groups of groups.
20-05-09 22:35:28: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Ill try that
20-05-09 22:38:33: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Yep.
20-05-09 22:38:40: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] That worked, but it's lame.
20-05-09 22:38:46: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] You only get one group of groups.
20-05-09 22:39:21: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Ham linked to Ham
20-05-09 22:39:32: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] GMRS linked to GMRS
20-05-09 22:39:41: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] FRS linked to FRS
20-05-09 22:40:10: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] This puts all of them into 1 linked group
20-05-09 22:40:30: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] If you link Ham to GMRS, nothting happens.
20-05-09 22:40:39: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Why even have the 2nd column?
20-05-09 22:54:00: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Even worse, no matter which group I select, it only scans the HAM channels.
20-05-10 00:15:04: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm gonna see if I can have the japanese manual translated by someone who understands English.
20-05-10 00:15:41: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I made some decent connections when ADC was going and some translators owe me favors.
20-05-10 00:30:27: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] djps: did you read this note?
20-05-10 00:41:25: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Yes, I'm set to "all bands". However, I just figured something out...
20-05-10 00:41:39: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] The group links work comprehensively.
20-05-10 00:41:57: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] That means, scanning group 1 (ham) only scans group1/ham
20-05-10 00:42:24: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Scanning group 2oops
20-05-10 00:42:27: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] oops
20-05-10 00:42:42: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Scanning group 0 (ham) only scans 0/ham
20-05-10 00:43:03: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Scanning group 1 (frs) scans group 0 and 1 (ham/frs)
20-05-10 00:43:35: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Scanning group 2 (gmrs) scans groups 0,1 and 2 (ham/frs/gmrs)
20-05-10 00:43:36: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] etc
20-05-10 00:44:16: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm not sure if that's how it's intended to function, but it does work that way.
20-05-10 00:46:59: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] This is when each group is linked to itself.
20-05-10 00:47:19: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Linking groups to other groups doesn't seem to do anything.
20-05-10 00:47:41: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm gonna try that one more time, just for shits n gigs.
20-05-10 00:48:28: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Actually, I'm gonna try to link them in succession.
20-05-10 00:49:22: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I've already tried the other way several times (ham->ham, frs->ham, gmrs->ham, etc)
20-05-10 00:51:13: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] sends data to the d74
20-05-10 00:54:14: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] THAAAAT'S A BING-GO! -Cristoph Waltz/Inglourisous Basterds
20-05-10 00:54:50: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Groups must be linked in succession in order to link all groups for scanning.
20-05-10 00:55:07: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Group1 -> Group2
20-05-10 00:55:15: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Group2 -> Group3
20-05-10 00:55:23: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Group3 -> Group4
20-05-10 00:55:24: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] etc
20-05-10 00:55:50: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] That works when i scan group 1. I'll try scanning the other groups to see if they are all linked.
20-05-10 00:56:28: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Yep.
20-05-10 00:56:33: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Problem solved.
20-05-10 00:56:44: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Thanks for the help, dcubed!
20-05-10 00:57:08: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx>
20-05-10 01:00:48: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] To just scan the group, just use [MR] and avoid the [MHz] button. This works fine.
20-05-10 01:02:34: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Now I get to add all the fun stuff to a group and link those :D
20-05-10 01:02:59: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] cordless phones, surveillence bugs (from elixx's post) etc
20-05-10 01:09:24: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] elixx: I cant find the link you posted, but I did find this:
20-05-10 01:09:26: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] even more
20-05-10 01:14:35: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] oh wait, that's from the same site. I just found elixx's link
20-05-10 01:35:26: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] jeez, the group/link scan doesn't actually work.
20-05-10 01:35:38: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] It scans, but doesn't stop on a signal.
20-05-10 01:36:16: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Maybe there's a separate squelch setting for group/links.
20-05-10 01:36:20: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] digs around
20-05-10 01:44:53: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Squelch set to 1, nothing.
20-05-10 02:19:58: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] got frustrated and tried d-star
20-05-10 02:20:20: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] kinda cool. I just feel like the digital stuff is cheating.
20-05-10 02:20:42: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] The audio codecs need some work.
20-05-10 02:21:27: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] err, digital is cool, but my concern is when people rely on the internet.
20-05-10 02:26:05: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] i think is more like a toggle... you setup your groups x y z... then you can flip any number of those groupes in to or out of the group scan round robin
20-05-10 02:56:01: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] The "round robin" scenario doesn't line up with the manual
20-05-10 03:33:57: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] CPD: male passed out on the sidewalk... this has been reported like 5 times over the last 3 hours.
20-05-10 03:36:03: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] CPD: party across the street from me
20-05-10 03:36:44: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I used to call the cops on people for very late night or early morning disturbances, and there are plenty, but this is stupid.
20-05-10 03:37:06: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Welcome to the snitch society.
20-05-10 03:37:24: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Next they'll be giving tax breaks to snitches.
20-05-10 04:27:48: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] emailed Kenwood
20-05-10 04:32:41: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I think the problem is that the only HAMS that can afford this HT are too fucking old to understand how it works :D
20-05-10 04:33:05: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] So issues like this fly below the radar.
20-05-10 04:33:07: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] imho
20-05-10 04:34:21: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Or, the problem is that the japanese manual has never been properly translated.
20-05-10 04:37:54: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Or both.
20-05-10 04:42:05: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Listening to a HAM on a local repeater, trying to plan a local fireworks display. They were using cellular to sync music to the local news stations, but he says that as soon as the fireworks go off the data is maxed out and they lose connectivity.
20-05-10 04:42:24: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Says he's working on an RF homebrew solution.
20-05-10 04:42:27: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Fun stuff.
20-05-10 05:36:55: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] need SCADA
20-05-10 05:37:14: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] could probably do it over packet radio
20-05-10 07:30:23: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] i've got my Rasberry Pi 3 hooked into the SignaLink USB interface into the Kenwook TM-V71A. Sucessfully  sending and receiving Winlink packet emails. WOOP
20-05-10 07:30:49: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] now just need to source a good size low power HDMI dispaly to match this up with
20-05-10 11:04:20: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Is that anything like SCMODS?
20-05-10 12:19:57: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-10 12:19:59: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] |h|w0Title: scmods - Views: 3364
20-05-10 12:26:50: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h are you putting the HDMI display in your car?
20-05-10 12:27:04: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] or is that just for your bench?
20-05-10 15:46:47: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] djps it will go inside the pelican box
20-05-10 15:46:52: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-10 15:48:23: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] djps: kinda
20-05-10 17:59:36: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Nice
20-05-10 18:01:30: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] trying ribs in the Instant Pot
20-05-10 18:01:42: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I feel like I'm committing a crime.
20-05-10 18:31:15: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] ha
20-05-10 19:07:50: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] ribs worked well
20-05-10 19:08:06: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] 25 mins pressure, 25 min natural release.
20-05-10 19:08:32: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Brush with sauce and broil 5 mins each side
20-05-10 19:08:50: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Ribs in 1 hour instead of 6.
20-05-10 19:26:14: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h I got group links to work. I tried using the Kenwood factory (free) programmer and there's a help file in there that clarifies everything.
20-05-10 19:26:19: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] "Configuring "GRP-1” in the Group Link 0 dropdown list, "GRP-3” in the Group Link 1 dropdown list, and "GRP-6” in the Group Link 2 dropdown list links Group 1, Group 3 and Group 6."
20-05-10 19:26:35: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [__] have i ever posted my favorite rib sauce recipe?
20-05-10 19:26:45: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Thor, please do.
20-05-10 19:27:09: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [__] i submitted it to the skullspace 'cook all the things' meme-based recipe book but it is really taken from an old 'all in the family' cookbook.
20-05-10 19:27:18: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [__]
20-05-10 19:27:25: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] bookmarks
20-05-10 19:27:27: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [__],204,203,200_.jpg
20-05-10 19:27:28: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] [email protected]
20-05-10 19:27:31: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [__] heh
20-05-10 19:28:06: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [__] it is pretty simple to make but damned good
20-05-10 19:31:50: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected]  I'll try it next time
20-05-10 19:32:20: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed|h:|h So there is really only 3 choices for scanning memory channels:
20-05-10 19:32:29: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] 1) scan all groups
20-05-10 19:32:42: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] 2) scan individual group
20-05-10 19:32:53: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] 3) scan linked groups
20-05-10 19:33:10: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] There cannot be multiple sets of linked groups. Just one.
20-05-10 19:40:43: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [__]
20-05-10 19:40:45: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] |h|w0Title: HIDE and SEEK 1983 computer movie - Views: 10080
20-05-10 19:41:00: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [__] canadian hacker movie
20-05-10 19:41:05: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [__] :D
20-05-10 19:45:27: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Speaking of Canada, I came across an excellent Canadian indie news channel this morning:
20-05-10 19:45:46: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] It's frightning to see that Americans no longer have a safe place to run to :\
20-05-10 19:46:01: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] You guys are fucked just like we are.
20-05-10 20:33:52: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Another good Canadian channel:
20-05-10 21:30:50: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] thor: I ran out of sauce and made a small batch of that recipe for the remainder of the ribs.
20-05-10 21:31:01: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [__] :D
20-05-10 21:31:19: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] It's kinda similar to what I've done in the past, but ive never used cinnamon and that really set it off.
20-05-10 21:32:04: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Instead of brown sugar, i used white sugar and some mollasses, which is what brown sugar is, but this is about 1/10th the cost.
20-05-10 21:34:11: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [__] as long as it gets all caramelized you are good to go
20-05-10 21:34:19: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Yeah
20-05-10 21:35:12: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm probably gonna be doing ribs more often, now that this Instant Pot hack works in 1 hour.
20-05-10 21:35:27: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [__] depending on how much sauce i have i will sometimes try to spread some on the walls of the pot to get some cooked up
20-05-10 21:35:34: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I can get them for about $4.50 per rack at a mexican grocer on the west side.
20-05-10 21:35:42: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [__] nice
20-05-10 21:36:04: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Yeah, if you carmelize it in a pot first you get so much more flavor
20-05-10 21:36:26: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I also used fresh cracked pepper and that really added a nice touch.
20-05-11 01:31:33: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] added CB AM frequencies
20-05-11 01:31:44: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Heh, it's all dead air
20-05-11 01:31:52: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Course, i dont have the right antenna
20-05-11 01:53:48: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I was hearing st. luis highway patrol on 27 28 mhz in mtl with just a 2m magmount
20-05-11 01:54:18: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] do you have roof access?
20-05-11 02:16:43: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] The hatch for the roof is right outside my door, but I cant put anything up there that would be noticable.
20-05-11 02:16:50: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I'd have to hide it somewhere.
20-05-11 02:16:56: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm on the top floor
20-05-11 02:17:20: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Maybe something out my window that goes up to the roof, but not beyond it
20-05-11 02:30:11: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I think i got everything for the linked groups I want. The goal is to have all the non-commercial or gubbermint freqs linked.
20-05-11 02:30:52: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Groups are Ham, FRS, GMRS, MURS, CB and all those somewhat random Militia/patriot freqs.
20-05-11 02:30:57: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Am I missing anything?
20-05-11 02:31:37: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] oh, maybe I'll add some standard bug and cordless phone freqs
20-05-11 02:31:41: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] baby monitors :P
20-05-11 02:37:59: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Should I add call channels to my HAM group?
20-05-11 02:42:27: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Hmm, the D74 programmer has a separate tab for call chans.
20-05-11 02:42:45: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] There must be a way to pull those up in the radio.
20-05-11 02:42:49: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] rtfm
20-05-11 02:44:02: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] presses the [call] button
20-05-11 02:44:10: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] presses the ANY KEY :P
20-05-11 02:44:21: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] 146.52
20-05-11 02:44:40: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah
20-05-11 02:44:40: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] i keep it on one of my radios 24/7
20-05-11 02:44:50: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] 446.000
20-05-11 02:45:26: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] i have a scan list of just simplex channels
20-05-11 02:45:44: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I got 146.52, 144.00, 223.50, 223.00, 446.00, 440.00
20-05-11 02:46:02: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] The d74 has a separate call list
20-05-11 02:46:25: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-11 02:46:28: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I can run that on the /B
20-05-11 02:46:52: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] in the rac bandplan there is like 20 simplex."channels"
20-05-11 02:47:02: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] tight
20-05-11 02:48:00: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] sub section 6 in that link
20-05-11 02:48:04: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] 15khz step
20-05-11 02:48:56: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] "There are 3 operating modes available to choose from: VFO
20-05-11 02:48:58: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] mode, Memory Channel mode, and Call Channel mode"
20-05-11 02:49:48: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] listening to hams discuss baking bread.
20-05-11 02:49:58: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] You can't buy any flour in Chicago!
20-05-11 02:51:25: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] oh nvm, this is dstar
20-05-11 02:51:31: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] this guy is in wyoming
20-05-11 02:53:19: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Leave it to the hams to discuss this stuff in highly scientific detail. This conversation is intense :)
20-05-11 02:53:29: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Bread is a bitch.
20-05-11 02:55:09: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Now theyre discussing carnitas!
20-05-11 03:01:21: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Looks like the call feature just allows you to set one default frequency.
20-05-11 03:01:45: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] You hit [call] and that one is displayed and you cant step through the others.
20-05-11 03:02:00: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I'll just add them all to my HAM group
20-05-11 03:05:28: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Setting 146.52 to the [call] button
20-05-11 03:48:20: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] yes and if you hold call it will bouch between your MR channel and the call freq
20-05-11 10:43:49: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] ahh, cool thx
20-05-11 11:47:41: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx>
20-05-11 11:48:07: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> Full video, Karate Kid Proof of Concept, original actors
20-05-11 12:19:55: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] awesome
20-05-11 12:20:07: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm gonna have to watch this at some point
20-05-11 12:27:33: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-11 12:27:58: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Wonder what mode these are
20-05-11 12:28:04: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] fm? am?
20-05-11 12:28:07: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] wfm?
20-05-11 12:28:51: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I imagine that most bugs are now well into the 2GHz+ range
20-05-11 12:29:05: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] or nano
20-05-11 12:43:37: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> as time progresses it will be easier and easier to do digital encoding
20-05-11 12:44:05: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> an esp8266 is the size of a quarter and can do aes-256
20-05-11 12:44:12: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> has wifi and bt radios on board, etc
20-05-11 12:45:06: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> you could easily use COTS parts to make a prioprietary protocol with something like this
20-05-11 12:45:34: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> check out
20-05-11 12:45:37: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> youll love it
20-05-11 12:46:01: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx>
20-05-11 12:47:29: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> imo id say in this day and age "bugs" are less about RF links and more about data exfiltration methods
20-05-11 12:47:59: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] interesting
20-05-11 12:48:03: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] thx elixx!
20-05-11 12:48:15: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> np
20-05-11 12:48:26: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] copies into his notes
20-05-11 12:49:29: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> this about this but add your RF and electronics know-how...
20-05-11 12:49:40: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> take this*
20-05-11 12:50:38: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> that's what id imagine the current TSCM adversary 'looks like'
20-05-11 12:51:39: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> vault7 type shit
20-05-11 12:52:19: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> all leaked tradecraft is beyond public domain at this point
20-05-11 12:52:49: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> (thanks, internet!)
20-05-11 12:53:46: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] sweet, thx!
20-05-11 13:13:22: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] 359 of 1000 memory channels programmed.
20-05-11 13:13:44: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] No biz or gubbermint yet.
20-05-11 13:14:05: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] adds the fuzz
20-05-11 14:02:35: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] adding trains
20-05-11 14:02:49: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] hides his D74 from dcubed
20-05-11 14:11:26: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] heh
20-05-11 14:12:15: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> oh yeah, so the Uniden scanners with homepatrol come with this 'sentinel' software
20-05-11 14:12:24: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> that downloads a full db of frequencies
20-05-11 14:12:28: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> i think its csv
20-05-11 14:12:30: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> you want ?
20-05-11 14:12:48: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> you can probably just dl the app and have it gram em
20-05-11 14:13:24: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx>
20-05-11 14:16:07: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> hmmm not sure where it stashes the data files
20-05-11 14:20:37: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I probably have all those in my Radio Reference subscription, but toss them here and I'll take a look:
20-05-11 14:21:07: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> oh
20-05-11 14:21:13: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> its a uniden format ".hpe"
20-05-11 14:21:21: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> probably not useful
20-05-11 14:21:32: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] If you didn't see my post, I grabbed a Baltimore Cty csv for you:
20-05-11 14:21:38: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> ya it looks like this stuff is assimilated into rr
20-05-11 14:21:47: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> oh cool thx
20-05-11 14:22:00: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] If you want anything else from RR, holler.
20-05-11 14:22:52: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I should rename /ham/ to /radio/ since these freq are everything
20-05-11 14:23:14: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> ln -s
20-05-11 14:23:15: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> lol
20-05-11 14:49:35: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] 649/1000 channels programmed
20-05-11 14:49:44: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] heads to work
20-05-11 14:50:03: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] makin blueberry muffins for the staff this morning :D
20-05-11 15:44:00: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> do you have them broken into banks / groups that you can toggle on / off ?
20-05-11 15:44:06: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> or a 'favourites' feature?
20-05-11 15:44:22: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> otherwise scanning them will be inefficient
20-05-11 15:44:59: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> some radios also have priority channels you can assign, that it will check back on whilst scanning
20-05-11 15:45:47: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> i suppose thats more of a scanner feature than what youd see on a tx rig
20-05-11 16:07:04: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] The D74 has groups and the ability to link groups.
20-05-11 16:07:45: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] for instance:
20-05-11 16:08:50: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] HAM, FRS, GMRS, MURS, CB, TSCM are groups i created and linked together
20-05-11 16:09:02: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I can either scan one of them or all.
20-05-11 16:09:25: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Then I also have other groups, like CPD, FEDS, AIR, etc
20-05-11 16:09:41: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Those I typically scan alone, since they're very busy
20-05-11 16:10:49: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I can also scan all groups in total
20-05-11 16:11:05: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] But like I said, the cops will end up hogging all the action :D
20-05-11 16:12:12: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Listening to dispatch about people snitching for not social-distancing, or people reporting naked people running down the street or dudes with their pants around their knees...
20-05-11 16:12:20: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] kinda gets old lol
20-05-11 22:33:43: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] extra battery for the D74 arrived
20-05-11 23:34:00: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx>
20-05-11 23:34:06: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> load -> emu -> totaldos
20-05-11 23:34:16: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> all dos games ever
20-05-11 23:34:19: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> in your browser :)
20-05-11 23:35:06: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> it just runs DIR by default so you can see what to run
20-05-11 23:35:23: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> but if you copy the link and add &run=SOMETHING.BAT or whatever, it will launch that by default
20-05-11 23:35:45: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> for example or
20-05-11 23:36:33: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> save games go in your browser storage! so it would appear save/load works even if you leave and come back later (in the same browser/pc tho)
20-05-11 23:39:57: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] looks great
20-05-11 23:40:11: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] kinda like the dos games
20-05-11 23:42:00: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] wow, nice job elixx
20-05-11 23:43:06: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Apple Panic
20-05-11 23:43:16: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] heh, like a Donkey Kong knock-off
20-05-11 23:56:08: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> Thanks :)
20-05-11 23:56:33: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> Yeah it's the same JavaScript thing that uses
20-05-11 23:57:09: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> I wrote a python thing to serve the directories and pump out the dosemu html
20-05-11 23:57:49: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [__] nice
20-05-11 23:58:59: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> I told cloudflare "cache everything forever as much as you can"
20-05-11 23:59:30: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> So the first load of big files might be slow
20-05-11 23:59:43: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> But after that... Instant
20-05-12 02:24:57: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm picking up this repeater 40 miles away.
20-05-12 02:25:35: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Just with my D74 and a Diamond SRH320A
20-05-12 02:26:24: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] There's no way I can transmit to it, but I'm surprised I can read it clearly.
20-05-12 09:01:02: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx>
20-05-12 09:47:23: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] thx elixx
20-05-12 10:44:35: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-12 10:44:36: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] woo
20-05-12 12:57:19: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] sup, dawgs
20-05-12 14:25:57: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] fascism
20-05-12 14:26:00: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] tyranny
20-05-12 14:36:59: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] fuck
20-05-12 14:37:09: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] that cop that went viral the other day got fired
20-05-12 14:37:12: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-12 15:32:14: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] woot! Pelican case arrived!
20-05-12 16:06:44: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] nice
20-05-12 16:06:52: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] hardcases are good shit
20-05-12 16:07:24: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I won a "3x HDD" pelican case + foam inserts when I did a memory forensics course last year
20-05-12 16:07:42: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] It's the bright yellow one lol
20-05-12 16:13:48: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah i ordered yellow for mine
20-05-12 16:14:13: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] new grab and go hf/vhf/uhf
20-05-12 16:15:20: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] nice dude
20-05-12 16:15:40: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Actually I have djps failed 1TB HDD in one of my pelican cases still lol
20-05-12 16:15:53: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] djps: u need that data still? :p
20-05-12 16:16:19: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] dcubed: next time I come to visit I have a stash of HDD's I need to bring to your crusher machine
20-05-12 16:28:54: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] ambrose|h:|h assuming that drive is totally corrupt, just toss it
20-05-12 16:41:17: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] yeah lol it failed like 5 yrs ago? lol
20-05-12 16:44:32: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] ambrose: rgr
20-05-12 17:40:12: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] armed man in car #6 on the redline
20-05-12 17:40:20: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] (CPD radio)
20-05-12 17:40:43: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] They slowed down the train while getting cops to the next station
20-05-12 17:41:03: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] The guy pulled the emergency door open a block before that and the train stopped
20-05-12 17:41:16: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Cops surrounding the train on both sides now
20-05-12 17:41:36: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] dude jumped out!!!
20-05-12 17:41:41: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] he's running down the tracks
20-05-12 17:45:03: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] CTA pulled the power from the tracks
20-05-12 17:47:04: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Apprehended
20-05-12 17:47:32: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] They cant find the gun. They think he ditched it when he crossed train cars
20-05-12 17:52:04: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected]
20-05-12 17:53:25: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] They'll pulling the video from car #6 now to see where he tossed the gun
20-05-12 18:00:58: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] nice
20-05-12 18:02:31: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] nice yeah the video too haha
20-05-12 18:02:36: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] djps is addicted
20-05-12 18:03:40: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I'm at work lol, nothing to do, but all that stuff went down a block from my house
20-05-12 19:40:42: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] muhahaha, my Abbree arrived
20-05-12 19:52:53: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] this thing is ridiculous
20-05-12 20:05:30: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] oh yeah the folding coliniar
20-05-12 20:05:31: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] lol
20-05-12 20:44:12: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx>
20-05-12 20:44:15: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx> l33t
20-05-12 20:49:46: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] <elixx>
20-05-12 22:18:24: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] My D74 is randomly restarting with this Abbree antenna on it
20-05-12 22:18:39: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Does that make any sense? or could this be a total coincidence?
20-05-12 22:24:16: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] are you transmitting into the antenna?
20-05-12 22:24:58: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] i could see the radio freak out if it was txing into a load missmatch
20-05-12 22:44:11: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] no just rx
20-05-12 22:44:34: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] weird
20-05-12 22:45:01: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] i switched back to the Diamond tri-band and it hasn't happened
20-05-12 22:45:18: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] hmm
20-05-12 22:47:57: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] This guy had the same thing happen on a Juentai:
20-05-12 22:48:18: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] 3:47 if the link doesnt cue
20-05-12 22:49:04: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] He says it happened when he keyed the mic
20-05-12 22:49:15: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] Maybe i accidentally PTT
20-05-12 22:49:24: [mfh] ircbot-drasticalMUD: [email protected] I'll try to recreate it later tonight
20-05-13 17:09:30: [mfh] elixx: test
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