Many years ago, a cabal of powerful wizards known as the High Magi
conducted a series of experiments on laboratory test animals, in an
attempt to grant these simple beasts a level of sentience equivalent to or
superior to their own. For decades their efforts, and the efforts of their
descendants, met with dismal failure.
     Then one day, a brilliant younge mage known as Ceraphem stumbled 
across a mystical tome in the foothills of G'hal that contained the
total knowledge of the ancient Animage Gor-Kheebler. Elated with his find,
Cerapham rushed home to the stony fortress of Teut-Rhogar, that he and his
associates shared with some Dwarven priests, and set to work on their
experiments, this time following instructions given in Gor-Kheebler's tome.
     Soon afterward, strange beasts began to emerge from Teut-Rhogar's
forbidding heights, animals that could walk and talk and interact with
their creators on a level of sophistication that would have impressed even
Gor-Kheebler himself. The cabal were amazed, and continued to pour out
their creations, animals of all types granted remarkable acuity and skill.
     But the humans that lived at the foot of the mountains that housed
the fortress grew restless, then angry towards the mages and their
creations. Calling it heresy, they continued to grow agitated until one
day they sent an emissary to the Dwarves hosting the cabal that unless
the experiments ceased and the animals were destroyed, the nearby human
towns would cease to buy ore from the dwarves or provide them with the
food that they could not provide for themselves. The Dwarves of course
refused, slaying the emissary, but the cabal were concerned for the safety
of their allies and began to plan how to spirit the animals away.
     It was Ceraphem who once again brought salvation to his friends. He
knew of a knigdom many miles away that had once flourished with Elves and
Kender, but which was now uninhabited due to the decline in populations
of these two races, and he suggested that the Animals and Dwarves be given 
haven there. All instantly agreed, and they set out.
     Upon reaching the kingdom, the animals set up an administrative and
political system, and soon were coping quite well without their creators'
guiding hand. However, Ceraphem worried for their safety, and thus cast
an enchantment that none may ever leave the bounds of Animaland that was
an animal. Furhtermore, he called upon a favour owed him by the Knights
of the Order of the Liver, and they pledged to establish a guard post
at the entrance to Animaland, staffing it at all times with their best
     And so it has remained over the intervening years till today. The
Order of the Liver grew decadent however, and these days only one knight
remains in the tower near the entrance, and even then only because he
felt obliged to live up to the oath made by his more honorable ancestors.
When he dies, there will be no-one to protect Animaland, but the Animals
have gained in power, and actually have a competent defense force, as well
as a powerful wizard, a former apprentice of Ceraphem named Wizard Owl.
So feel free to enter Animaland, but respect the inhabitants, especially
the inhabitants of Animaltown, who rank amongst the most powerful creatures
in all the land of Anon.