the shielding

The  Shielding is the holy ground and religious cathedral of the order
of the Shielding. There are several things of interest here. First the entire
area is  no recall, no teleport, no sumon- it is holy ground and evil forces
trying to enter are barred from entry that way. Next the shopkeep mobs lack
names so that they can not be summoned, charmed, or teleported to.  Of paticular
interest are the stained glass windows. Lok comissioned an artist-magician to
depict several areas of paticular evil and create one way gateways to them from
the Shielding. This is so the  Knights of the Shielding can rallly and go forth to 
battle these sundry forces. The main item of interest for this area is the holy
helm, which is type key and unlocks the doors of the Cathedral. When worn it
helps members detect evil and protects them from it. Also of interest are the
holy orbs, which reveal those unseen forces which seek to harm the Shielding.